Friday, May 9, 2014

Ascharya Janak - Phaladayak Tantra, Mantra & Todge.( Hindi )

Strictly Warning !!!!!In this book Given Method and Mantrans anr very rare and strong , Please practice under properguidance Mention things are only for guidance...  

There are six mejor ways of tantra :- Vashikaran , Mohan Stammban , Ucchatan , Maran and Jaran.

In this book you can find easy ways and combinations of various things can create tremendous effects for fulfillment of life.

formulas given in this book are rare and easy to perform , it show you practical way of tantrik shashakarma viddhis and mantra.

KaankalMalini Tantra - Hindi

Strictly Warning !!!   In this book Given Method and Mantrans anr very rare and strong , Please practice under proper guidance Mention things are only for guidance... 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bruhad Kamaksha Mantras Tatha Bhanumati Ka Petara ( Hindi )

Strictly Warning !!!!!    In this booklet given method  and mantrasare very Rare and  Strong , please practice   things under proper guidance .  Also Given things are only for  guidance.

 This Books is very rare Like "Bruhad Aassal Indrajaal" , In this book all types of mantrasdescribes in detail most probably Sake and Scorpio bite poison and vashikaran , Mohan and other Mantras with all types of tantrik producers .

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mantra Siddhi Ke Uppay by Pt. Bhadrashil Sharma ( Hindi )

KakKaRadi Kali Sahastra Namam

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Swastika: The Earliest Known Symbol, and Its Migrations by Thomas Wilson

This book is the most comprehensive scholarly study of the history and use of the ancient swastika symbol ever undertaken. Its author, Thomas Wilson, participated in the excavation of an Indian burial mound in Ohio where several large copper swastikas were discovered. This unusual find sparked Wilson's curiosity and led to the research that ultimately became this book.

 The swastika symbol occurs in Mesopotamia and India as early as 8000 years ago, and prolifically on artifacts unearthed at the site of ancient Troy. It also appears on hundreds of Greek ceramic objects of the Geometric period, dating between the tenth and seventh centuries BC. Its use by indigenous peoples along the Mississippi and Amazon Rivers before 300 AD has raised serious questions about a possible diffusion from Eurasia. How or when this may have occurred, however, has never been established, nor has the underlying significance of the swastika ever been fully understood.

The Astrology of Sex

This book is primarily concerned with sex and the natal horoscope. It examines configurations in the chart and how they are likely to manifest. It needs to be remembered that astrology has no concern about the legality or morality of a relationship. The astrologer may be judgmental - as may the client - but the astrology itself has no axes to grind.

The Gayatri Prayer: Let us Meditate by Swami Premanand

The Science of Psychic Healing by Yogi Ramacharaka

This book is intended to be a plain, simple,  practical presentation of the various forms of  Psychic Healing.

Techniques of Speed Hypnosis by Harry Arons , Len Leonards

The other purpose is to present the best techniques for inducing  speedy or instantaneous hypnosis in as clear, understandable and  concise a manner as possible. No padding of verbiage has been  used, nor is it needed. Though quite a large number of  "techniques" is given, the student will find, upon analysis,  that they can all be reduced to three or four basic methods. If  the basic techniques, and the principles on which they depend,  are thoroughly understood, the individual operator will develop  his own variations to suit his own style and personality.