Friday, December 31, 2010

GOOD Bye 2010

GOOD Bye 2010 :

Were You Born Under a Lucky Star?

The Seven Rays by Samantha Stevens

Want to talk to angels? This is the first title in the "Spirit Books" Series, teaches you how to develop a relationship with the Archangels (known as the Seven Rays) using prayer, affirmations, candle burning, visualisations and meditation. Samantha Stevens takes you through the origins and energies of the Seven Archangels: Michael (protection), Zadkiel (joy), Uriel (peace), Chamuel (love), Gabriel (guidance), Jophiel (illumination) and Raphael (healing) and examines their relationship to organised and ancient religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and New Age cults. This is an inspirational guide that will help you make that call, and learn to be an Angel on Earth.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yoga Postures Step-by-Step

Asana is a Body posture, it is a Sanskrit word used to describe a position of the body. Patanjali, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga defines asana as "Steady and comfortable posture". Traditionally many asanas are practiced in Hatha Yoga tradition, primarily to achieve better physical and mental health. Asanas have deep impact on the entire body and mind complex, it affects different systems in the body like muscular, respiratory, circulation, digestive, excretory, reproductive, endocrine, nervous system.

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The Tarot pack of cards, transmitted by the Gypsies  from generation to generation, is the primitive book of  ancient initiation. This has been clearly demonstrated  by Guillaume Postel, Court de Gobelin, Etteila, Eliphas  Levi, and J. A. Vaillant.

The key to its construction and application has not yet  been revealed, so far as I know. I therefore wished to  fill up this deficiency by supplying Initiates, i. e. those  who are acquainted with the elements of occult science,  with an accurate guide, which would assist them in the  pursuit of their studies.

The uninitiated reader will find in it the explanation of  the lofty philosophy and science of ancient Egypt ; whilst  ladies are enabled to practise the use of the divining  Tarot.

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Robert Burns and Freemasonry By Dudley Wright

The influence of the Craft of Freemasonry is exemplified in a very strong and striking manner in the biography of Scotia's famous poet, Robert Burns. Burns found great enjoyment in the meeting of Freemasons and many of his friends were Masons as well. This work tells the biographical tale of Robert Burns and his influence and times within the ranks of Freemasons. Wonderfully illustrated throughout.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kabbalah: New Perspectives

In this prizewinning new interpretation of Jewish mysticism, Moshe Idel emphasizes the need for a comparative and phenomenological approach to Kabbalah and its position in the history of religion. Idel provides fresh insights into the origins of Jewish mysticism, the relation between mystical and historical experience, and the impact of Jewish mysticism on western civilization.

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RUDRA’S RED BANNER : Marxism and Moksha By Peter Wilberg

The overall aim of this essay is to present a new trans-ethnic, trans-national, trans-sectarian, trans-Hindu and trans-Buddhist understanding of religious Tantrism and Advaitic philosophy - showing them to be complementary to secular European Marxism and Dialectical philosophy respectively.

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Sons of the Goddess By Christopher Penczak

Wicca is a spiritual path open to all. Yet young men may have trouble identifying their place in this seemingly female-dominated religion. Without many male role models, how can one become empowered as a son of the Goddess?

Christopher Penczak, who learned about Witchcraft and magick in his late teens, offers guidance to all the young men out there who are curious about Wicca. This much-needed masculine perspective on the Craft discusses divine masculinity found in ancient myths, male energies, and rites of passage. Penczak also describes the fundamentals of Wicca, including the rule of three, the Wiccan Rede, spellcraft, rituals, holidays, and Witchcraft ethics.

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Law of Attraction By Michael J. Losier

This self-help book offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step inspirational program that leads readers through the process of figuring out what they want, why they don't have it yet, and what they need to do to get it and the life they've always desired.

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The Book of Floating By by Michael Hutchison

Much of the information here is based on the current work of and  interviews with experimental psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians,  and others engaged in research into the effects of float tanks. In many  cases this material is being made public for the first time. In the following  pages you will learn:

• About indications that floating stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins:  pain-killing, euphoria-creating substances known as the  "body's own opiates."  • That there is evidence that tank use not only can initiate substantial  weight loss but also has an unprecedented maintenance effect, with weight  loss continuing at the same degree for many months after floating.  • Of evidence that floating results in a spontaneous reduction in or  elimination of such habits as smoking, drinking, and drug use, and  counteracts addiction withdrawal symptoms.  • That laboratory studies show that floating can rapidly and significantly  decrease stress and anxiety, by sharply lowering the levels of  biochemicals directly related to stress, anxiety, tension, the "fight or  flight response," and heart disease and other stress-related illnesses.  • About indications that floating can suspend the dominance of the detail-  oriented left hemisphere of the brain, allowing the right hemisphere  (which deals with large-scale and novel information) to operate freely,  giving the floater access to unusual powers of creativity, imagination,  visualization, and problem solving. And Much More.

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Training Trances by J Siverthorn

Training Trances Multi-Level Communication In Therapy And Training John Overduf & Julie Silverthorn. Training Trances is about how to therapeutically communicate with the unconscious mind. The authors present their own unique integration of Ericksonian techniques, traditional models of hypnotherapy, and recent research in related areas. Numerous new patterns modeled from the work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. are clearly explained and demonstrated. The use of trance in training design, to unconsciously install the skills being taught to the participants, is also covered.

The book developed from transcripts of a four day workshop, and the design of the book parallels the design chosen for the training itself. Individual exercises or those done in groups of two or three are offered so that the reader may practice the techniques and learn the skills. There are numerous "live" demonstrations, inductions, and double inductions which create for the reader a real "feel" of how hypnosis is done and which are also a rich source for linguistic analysis for the advanced reader. Written with insight and humor, this book's most unique twist is its use of multi-level communication and hypnotic language to create a "training trance" for the readers as they journey through the text. Some hypnotic references are obvious and explicit -- those which are not obvious will create enjoyable "ah-ha!" experiences for the reader as they are discovere

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gain Super Energy: Energy Enhancement Level 1 By Swami Satchidanand


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Spirituality and the Occult: From the Renaissance to the Modern Age By Brian Gibbons

Spirituality and the Occult argues against the widely held view that occult spiritualities are marginal to Western culture. Showing that the esoteric tradition is unfairly neglected in Western culture and that much of what we take to be 'modern' derives at least in part from this tradition, it casts a fresh, intriguing and persuasive perspective on intellectual and cultural history in the West. Brian Gibbons identifies the influence and continued presence of esoteric mystical movements in disciplines such as:
* medicine
* science
* philosophy
* Freudian and Jungian psychology
* radical political movements
* imaginative literature.

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Undoing Yourself: With Energized Meditation and Other Devices By Christopher S. Hyatt

"Undoing Yourself is the latest attempt by the Illuminati Conspiracy to reveal all the hither-to-hidden teachings of the Secret Chiefs and allow every man and woman to become a star. With the present conditions of this planet, I think it is necessary that this information be released at this time, and I congratulate the publisher for having the courage to let the cat out of the bag with such a loud meow! Of course, most people will think this book is only a joke. That's the biggest joke of all!"....Robert Anton Wilson of Illuminati fame

"I recommend it enthusiastically and without any reservations. It is the answer to the frustration felt by those who have tried other systems and failed. However, I do warn the reader: if you don't really want to change, don't take this book seriously."..........Israel Regardie

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Advanced Yoga Practices: Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living by Yogani

The premise of Yoga is simple. There is an outer reality and an inner one, and our nervous system is the doorway between them. Effective Yoga practices stimulate and open that doorway. The result? Peace, creativity, happiness, and a steady rise of ecstatic bliss radiating from within us...

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) brings together the most effective methods of Yoga in a flexible integrated system that anyone can use. Instructions are given in plain English for deep meditation, spinal breathing pranayama, bodily manipulations (asanas, mudras and bandhas), tantric sexual practices, and other methods that are systematically applied to swing open the door of our nervous system to permanent higher experience. This is a non-sectarian approach that is compatible with any belief system or religious background.

There are over 240 easy-to-follow lessons here, including many hands-on questions and answers between Yoga practitioners and the author. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in Yoga, the AYP lessons can serve as a useful resource as you travel along your chosen path.

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Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities: A Guide for First Responders By Tony M. Kail

 Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities: A Guide for First Responders provides a cultural bridge for emergency personnel when interacting with various magico-religious cultures. More than just a litany of artifacts, rituals, and symbols, this valuable book draws from cultural anthropology and religious studies to unearth hidden meanings and place the information in a context relevant for the first responder. It offers crucial keys for improving communication, assessment, and treatment in culturally sensitive situations.

Beginning with an introduction to the importance of trans-cultural communication, the book devotes subsequent chapters to the common and contrasting elements of several magico-religious groups. It considers the practices of Neo-Paganism, Santeria, Bantu religion (Palo Mayombe), Voodoo, and Curanderismo. The book separates fact from fantasy regarding sacred spaces and dates, ceremonies, group structure, sacred objects, cultural taboos, and beliefs about sickness and healing. It also includes a detailed review of the common herbs used in healing and ritual, as well as a glossary of cultural terms and an index of symbols.

Promoting functional cultural competency, this book gives public service agencies and emergency responders the tools to properly assess situations, open lines of communication, protect cultural diversity and beliefs and, above all, provide effective emergency treatment.

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Perfect Questions Perfect Answers

"God, spiritual life—those were such vague terms to me before I met Srila Prabhupada. I have always been interested in religion, but before I met the Krsna conscious devotees, somehow I did not have the proper perspective needed to inquire fruitfully about spiritual life." Evaluation copy of the printed version of the book, conversations between His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and Bob Cohen, a Peace Corps worker in India.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Super Energy And Sacred Symbols For Perfect Wisdom Enlightenment By Swami Satchidanand

This Book contains information about Ancient Sacred Symbols from many Religions including the Ankh, the Om and the Cross, which point to One Guided Meditation which can Speed Up the Process of Perfect Wisdom Enlightenment - This is the Source Book of the Synthesis of Religion. Find out about Guided Meditations to Gain Energy which Teach How to get into Alignment with a Column of Energy From Earth to Heaven, From Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the Earth To the Chakra in the Center of the Universe, the Soul Chakra. Ancient successful Techniques from 5000 years of Ancient Spiritual Technology from the Circulation of the Energies to the Kundalini Kriyas to transmute Trauma - Formed Negative Karmic Mass and Remove Energy Blockages which Cover Up the Spiritual Light and Stop the Flow of Energy. Written by Swami Satchidanand from his own experience and the experiences of his students.

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The Atlantis Encyclopedia by Frank Joseph

One of the most prominent investigators of antiquity and a foremost researcher on Atlantis has brilliantly conceived an encyclopedia covering the lost continent from A to Z. Printed on fine quality paper and containing many colored plates, this book presents the most enigmatic theories and findings where myth and science converge.

What was Atlantis? Where was it located? How long did it flourish? How was it destroyed? What became of its survivors? Have any remains been found? Is there a connection with America as well as the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx? Did the Aztecs have their own name for Atlantis? Hundreds of subjects.

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Kalivilasa Tantra By Arthur Avalon ( Repost)

The importance of this previously unpublished Tantra consists in the fact that it belongs to what some call the “prohibitive” class, alleging it to belong to, and have been operative in, another and not in the present Age (kalpa). The Tantra is of interest particularly as it deals with the vexed subject of the existence or non-existence of Pashu-bhava in the Kaliyuga and the ritual use of the panchatattva. REVIEWS “The field of ancient Indian literature has been enriched by this praise-worthy edition of an important Tantric text, and both the interested public and the Agamanusandhana Samiti can be congratulated for this finely got-up book……Glory of the spiritual Sadhana of India”. --- Dr. Sunìti Kumar Chaterji in The Calcutta Review. “The author has indirectly shown that taking its philosophical aspect into consideration, it can attain a very high level and compare favourably with, or even excel, the doctrines of Sànkhya or Màyàvàda”. --- Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society.

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Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Certainly this is one of the notable books of our time, one of the marvelous books in all time. It is a book where gentle, deathless goodness softens whatever humiliation I might feel for any inadvertent glibness of comment; and where the piety - in the deepest Latin sense of the word - and the brilliant, easy scholarship of the translation are enough to knock us down. -- Stark Young

East and West agree that he was the most radiant religious personality of the nineteenth century. The record of his life and teachings is a mine of inspiration, wisdom, theology, and metaphysics. It is also a tremendous adventure story, the odyssey of a man who set out on the mystical way and journeyed to its end. The English version is a triumph of creative translation. -- Thomas Sugrue

Ramakrishna was a rare combination of individuality and universality, personality and impersonality. His words and example have been echoed in the hearts of Western men and women. . . His soul animates modern India. -- Romain Rolland

The GospeI. . . is a work of absorbing interest. Your biographical introduction sets the reader at once into the atmosphere of India, its customs and its ways of thinking about the unseen world and about deity. I take it to be a high merit of the book that you have not omitted the details which will seem most strange to the Western reader; you have allowed them to bear their own message and to offer themselves intact for judgment. As you tell the life of Sri Ramakrishna, it engages with so much of the spiritual history of India during the last century that one gains a living sense of the forward movement of that history. The whole promises to be a document of importance for every one who wishes to gain a personal impression of Indian religious aspiration and to realize how naturally it spans the wide gamut from the particular and local symbols to the most universal conceptions. -- William Ernest Hocking, Alford Professor of Philosophy in Harvard University

The story of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's life is a story of religion in practice. His life enables us to see God face to face. -- Mahatma Gandhi

This highly noteworthy document . . . conveys the personality of a great mystic in such an intimate, direct, and almost astounding manner that to read it must be an enriching experience for any intellect which is receptive and open to all things human. -- Thomas Mann

To read through these conversations in which mystical doctrine alternates with an unfamiliar kind of humor, and where discussions of the oddest aspects of Hindu mythology give place to the most profound and subtle utterances about the nature of Ultimate Reality, is in itself a liberal education in humility, tolerance and suspense of judgment. We must be grateful to the translator for his excellent version of a book so curious and delightful as a biographical document, so precious, at the same time, for what it teaches us of the life of the spirit. -- From the Forward to The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Aldous Huxley

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The Gnosis of Kali Yuga By S. L. Noonan

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Astral Projection for Beginners by Edain McCoy

Visit a realm in which time and space have no meaning—a magical place where thought is action and simple desire can take you anywhere you want to go—the astral realm. Written for beginners, this friendly guide presents step-by-step instructions for six easy and effective astral projection techniques. Using the six easy techniques in this book, you can:

• Travel to different times and eras• View your Akashic records, the astral record of each soul's past and future events • Visit with departed loved ones • Heal yourself and send healing energy to others• View past lives• Explore different astral worlds, such as the faerie realm• Receive direction from your spirit guides

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