Friday, April 30, 2010

Georges Bataille, "The Impossible"
City Lights Publishers | 2001 | ISBN: 0872862623 | 144 pages | PDF | 1,8 MB

Philosophical narratives & poems, tr Robert Hurley

Summary: a 'better book' may be unimaginable...
Rating: 5 terms of unpredictability, uniqueness,
confessional-poetic-mystic-debauchery and
edge-thriving elan
(some call it true amour)--
Bataille's work here as in
La Somme atheologique trilogy
takes la frigging Cake!

the last coolest Frenchman, 'e wuz!
Summary: Beyond And Before The Erotic
Rating: 5

Note from personal experience (the only way to comment): Passing through the seemingly simple sexual plays of The Father, The Son or Daughter, and The Stark Flesh, one may finally attain a sense of lost freedom in a short excursion into self-conscious poetry forced back on itself. However, dropping the issue and/or the book leaves one caught in the cliche of feeling that one understands. This may require a Quixotic reenactment in order to survive this forgetting --- necessarily not only in the world of one's imagination. This transcendence is then achieved again by that fold and feedback of sacrificing to oneself all that one holds dearly and holy --- reason, despair, and perhaps folly. Only in this way can a true confrontation be finally and for the first time attempted and accomplished

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