Monday, May 31, 2010

Astrological Secrets of Friendship, Love and Marriage

The importance of Love, Friendship and Marriage in life can never
be over emphasized. The Man-Woman relationship as a friend,
lover or spouse is significant. But what is the factor that where
one man is successful the other is not. Is he the incarnation of
'Kamadev't or does he know the art of 'Vashikaran''tt? We do
not think so. It is the placement of stars. All this and more is
described in the present book. It deals with the hidden and secret
principles of Astrology as related to one's Love life. There are
books. These tell us of how to be successful in relationships and
love or books like 'Kamasutra' or 'The Joy of Sex' which deal with
the performances or try to remove ignorance. There was a time
when even speaking of love was 'taboo'. But all this has changed.

It is all in our Stars, in our horoscopes, in the placements of Planets
and the periodic influences of directions and transits that we are
passing through; that our life takes shape. By this statement we
are not advocating Fatalism. We in the East do not believe in 'What
has to be has to be'. The theory of Karma is threefold and the main
thing it emphasizes is that by good actions the past can be
eliminated. Control on the mind, by prayers and precautions, the
Destiny can be changed. If Fatalism would be real it would bind all
our lives into a frigid mould from which none can escape. It would
bring the World to standstill and paralyze all activities. The
Scriptures do not support this. Even 'Koran' which at bottom so
very fatalistic counsels him who wants to go to sleep to hobble his
horse. If what has to be has to be then the Prophet Mohammed
would have told his disciples to beware of theft?

The present book describes the mysteries, i.e. the hidden
Astrological Secrets of Love, Friendship and Marriage and when
the effects would fructify.

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