Friday, May 28, 2010

The Eternal Hermes by Antoine Faivre

This small volume is a collection of Essays that the premier European scholar of Western Esoteric religious thought has published. The essays focus on what qualifies as Hermetic thought and esoteric thought. Faivre brings out the notion of the Hermes figure in history as a prophetic revealer of wisdom---and also a trickster and deceiver. This book includes art plates of representations of Hermes in different paintings and pictoral representations. He also addresses the Hermes figure in contemporary culture, such as in films like "Mad Max."

A good book for those intersted in Western Occultism, since Hermes and Hermeticism is the main sources in Western Culture for occult thought. Also read Copenhaver's "Hermetica" and Fowden's "The Egyptian Hermes" for a cross-disciplinary look at the figure of Hermes in ancient theosophy and in Greco-Egyptian religious culture.

Good translation---it's by Jocelyn Godwin, the premier American scholar of Western Esoteric thought. They are good friends, Godwin and Faivre--and I'm sure that the translation is faithful.


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