Friday, May 28, 2010

A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra

A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra is a fascinating insight into a
subject that has captured the imagination of many but remains
mysterious and exotic to all but a few.

This volume focuses on the deities whose mantra recitation
and colourful visualizations lie at the heart of the Tantra. We
meet goddesses of wisdom, the prince of purity, the lotus-born
Padmasambhava, and dakinis - sky walkers who dance in the
flames of freedom. All of them, peaceful and wrathful alike,
urge the reader to break through to wisdom, pointing out the
true nature of reality with uncompromising vigour.

Devoid of pop culture misperceptions, this guide is a window
into the sometimes mysterious world of Buddhist Tantra.
Vessantara explores the key characteristics of the Tantra in this
magical fusion of the practical and the imaginative - giving us a
direct insight into the poetry and the power of the Tantra.

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