Sunday, May 23, 2010


The Haindl Tarot is a rare mix of high art, Tarot esoteric tradition and world-wide spirituality. Its striking beauty and deep tradition have already made it one of the most popular and respected decks of the modern Tarot tradition. The four suits of the Minor Arcana reflect the wisdom of the entire world for Haindl has based each suit on the spiritual and artistic traditions of cultures form around the planet. Swords are Egyptian, Wands are Indian, Cups are European and Stones (Pentacles in older decks) are Native American. The Minor Arcana actually consists of two parts, the numbered cards in each suit - Ace through to 10 - and the four "Court" cards. In Tarot tradition these are King, Queen, Knight and Page. Haindl has changed these to Mother, Father, Daughter and Son and has used these cards to represent a panorama of the Gods and Goddesses from different cultures. Rachel Pollock not only explains who these Gods are, but also how we can use the Haindl cards to invoke them in our own lives.


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