Sunday, May 30, 2010

IN GOD’S HAND Vol-2 by Mehar baba

This book’s main presentation in the preceding pages consists of
the facsimile reproduction of the manuscript in Meher Baba’s
handwriting, since the force of His authorship can be experienced
most immediately when the text is encountered in this form.

There will be readers, however, who would like to study the content
of what Meher Baba wrote more closely. For them, this Supplement,
the following Appendices, and other ancillary materials have been

The Supplement has been organized in this way: in the upper portion
of each page, the facsimile of Meher Baba’s handwriting, which in full
scale and full color was replicated earlier, appears again, though in a
reduced format and in black and white. In the lower part of each page,
a slightly edited version of that same text has been rendered in a standard
and easily readable typeface; footnotes beneath this edited
text explain emendations and provide other useful information.
This juxtaposing of the original with the edited version is meant for
readers who, while studying the content of what Baba wrote, would like
to be able to refer back to the handwritten original easily.

The editorial practices used in creating this “edited text” have been these.
For ease of reading, the indentation and paragraphing have been normalized.
Misspellings (in English and Gujarati) have silently been corrected,1 and
punctuation (including parentheses) has silently been brought into
conformity with current usage.

Capitalization too has been regularized, with the upper case applied
to nouns and noun phrases that refer to states of God-as-God and the
lower case used for nouns that refer to God-within-illusion. Actually,
this distinction (between God and illusion) is almost impossible to
sustain in certain instances, and readers should remember
that these conventions of capitalization have been applied by the
editors, to facilitate comprehension of the text, and not by Meher
Baba Himself.

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