Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Voudon Gnostic Workbook"

This is by far the best work in occult studies available for public. The book worth the money spent simply because methods described are working. Bertiaux is the only practicioner, who prefers TO PRACTICE instead of to just discuss the matter without applying any practical work (as many occultists do nowadays). He is real DOer and all his works confirm that. That is why all his books are so expensive and rare. Very practical.

"Wow! This is quite a book. I have collected many grimoires, both ancient & modern over the years, but this has to be the closest thing to a true dark grimoire ala Lovecraft that's ever been written. Many detailed instructions for entering into contact with extra-dimensional beings of a decidedly dark nature. Fascinating, the more so because it's not the same old hocus-pocus. This book could, however, be very dangerous in the wrong hands and should be avoided by those of nervous temperament or delicate mental condition." - reader's review.

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