Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 5

THE scientific mind used to think that there is a possibility of impersonal knowledge. In fact that used to be precisely the definition of the scientific attitude. By "impersonal knowledge" it is meant that the knower can remain just a spectator. His participation is not needed. Not only that, but if he participates in the known, the very participation makes the knowledge unscientific.

The scientific knower should remain an observer, should remain detached, should not in any way get involved in what he knows. But this is no longer the case. Science itself has come of age. Just these few decades, past three. four decades, and science has realized its fallacious attitude. There is no knowledge which is impersonal. The very nature of knowledge is personal. And there is no knowledge which is detached, because to know means to be attached. There is no possibility of knowing anything just like a spectator -- participation is a must. So now the boundaries are no longer so clear.

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