Sunday, May 30, 2010


In 1981 a Gallup poll revealed that 38 million Americans now believe
they've had past lives—about one fourth of our adult population. More
and more intelligent, successful people from all walks of life are seriously
beginning to consider the possibility that they have lived before. And
this growing interest in reincarnation is not limited to the general public.

Increasing numbers of psychologists, medical doctors, and therapists are
using past-life regression techniques to help people overcome emotional
and physical health problems and tap into skills and talents that some
believe were first learned in previous incarnations. As increasing attention
is focused on past lives, more people are becoming interested in exploring
the issue for themselves, in finding out how to unlock their own past-life
memories, as well as in learning what benefits to their relationships,
outlooks, and professional lives might come from unearthing these

This book will satisfy these interests. In it you will find step-by-step
exercises and techniques for all of the best- known methods for delving
into your past lives. These include meditation methods, ways for you to
inspire and remember dreams about your past lives, simple self-
hypnosis techniques, and guided imagery exercises for two or more
people. Included among these is a technique that I have developed
myself called the Resonance Method, which is a very simple way of
determining immediately and without meditation various possible
past-life dramas, geographic locations, and time periods hidden in
your unconscious, as well as numerous other pieces of information
which may represent your own past-life memories.

Because some of the methods of past-life recall now available can only
be done safely by trained professionals, the book also includes advice on
how to find a past-life therapist, what sort of training and
credentials to look for, and what sort of regression techniques are available
for you to choose from. Whatever your reasons for wanting to explore
your previous lives, and whether you believe in reincarnation or not, you
will find that the methods given in this book work. With them you will be
able to unlock a stream of remarkable stories which now lie hidden in
your unconscious mind. Whether you believe these stories are fantasies
or actual past-life memories is up to you. It is my hope only that you
learn from them and expand your horizons.

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