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Enlightenment Without God (Mandukya Upanishad)
by Swami Rama

This book is highly provocative and can inspire us thinking beyond our accustomed patters. "Diverse are the ways, but the goal is the same." "Peace, happines, and bliss are the prerequisites for attaining Ultimate Truth"

Swami Rama wrote a book entitled "Enlightenment Without God," which is a most profound discussion of the Mandukya Upanishad (it is not "anti" God). The entire subject of that text is Om Mantra. This text summarizes the highest insights and practices, and provides a framework for the whole process of meditation and contemplation. (See also Mandukya Upanishad)

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Bhagavan Nityananda

This books is a compilation of teachings of Bhagawan
Nityananda of Vajreswari

Bhagawan Nityananda (1897-1961) was a great siddha who was
born in Quilandy (Pandalayini), Kerala South India and later lived
at Vajreswari near Mumbai. "Chidakash Gita" is the only book that
contains the teachings of this great sage in his own words.

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Om Gan Ganapataye Namah


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Shiva Kavacham( protection)
(Armour of Shiva)

By Sage Rishabha

(Rishbha (deva) was born as a king in the family of Swayambhuva
manu. He married Meru devi and had one hundred children,. When
they grew up, he entrusted the kingdom to his eldest son and retired
to the forest. He became a great sage and a great devotee of
Lord Shiva. He met in the forest a prince called Bhadraayu, who was
driven out from his kingdom along with his mother by his enemies.

Rishabha deva taught him the Shivakavacha, using which Bhadarayu
regained his king dom. This story forms a part of Skanda purana This
Kavacham (armour) addressed to Lord Shiva is unique and very

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Astral Projection Class
on CompuServe

Before saying anything else I would like to thank and congratulate
everyone who is taking this class. Whether you know it or not, by
taking an interest in achieving the types of experience we will
discuss here,you are opening yourself up to a greatly expanded
view of yourself andthe life and world around you. Hopefully, by
the end of this class youwill have a deep appreciation of what I
mean in saying this. I wisheveryone the best of luck!
by author

What Is Astral Projection?

Just what exactly is astral projection? Well, we can get very academic
and erudite about this, and we will do this to some extent below. But
for now, for starters, what we want to do is lay out a definition of
astral projection that is *practical*. There are numerous ways we can
view and define astral projection, but the most central point is
that it is an *experience*, a special type of experience. No matter
how you look at it, astral projection is an *altered state of

So, what is an altered state of consciousness? Well, it is a state of
consciousness that is NOT our normal waking state of consciousness.

There is one altered state with which we are all very, very familiar
and that is the dreams we experience when we sleep at night.
Dreaming itself is an altered state of consciousness. And, as we will
see as we progress, dreaming and astral projection are very closely
related states of consciousness.

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A Community of Witches

A Community of Witches explores the beliefs and practices of Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft - generally known to scholars and practitioners as Wicca. While the words "magic," "witchcraft," and "paganism" evoke images of the distant past and remote cultures, this book shows that Wicca has emerged as part of a new religious movement that reflects the era in which it developed. Imported to the United States in the late 1960s from the United Kingdom, the religion absorbed into its basic fabric the social concerns of the time: feminism, environmentalism, self-development, alternative spirituality, and mistrust of authority. Helen A. Berger's ten-year participant observation study of Neo-Pagans and Witches on the eastern seaboard of the United States and her collaboration on a national survey of Neo-Pagans form the basis for exploring the practices, structures, and transformation of this nascent religion. Responding to scholars who suggest that Neo-Paganism is merely a pseudoreligion or a cultural movement because it lacks central authority and clear boundaries, Berger contends that Neo-Paganism has many of the characteristics that one would expect of a religion born in late modernity: the appropriation of rituals from other cultures, a view of the universe as a cosmic whole, an emphasis on creating and re-creating the self, an intertwining of the personal and the political, and a certain playfulness.


Magic, Science and Second Sight in
Late Seventeenth-Century

The uncanny ability of certain individuals to foresee future events had long been regarded as a characteristic of the Scottish Highlands, but in the late seventeenth century interest in the phenomenon came to a head, stimulated by English scientific and philosophical curiosity about magic, particularly second sight.The natural philosopher Robert Boyle and other English savants investigated these Highland beliefs; they found the region a kind of laboratory, strange yet accessible, where data about unusual beliefs could be collected and theories tested. Scottish authors were also stimulated to write accounts of second sight, notably John Fraser, Dean of the Isles, and the Highland minister, Robert Kirk (1644-92), in his famous work, The Secret Commonwealth. These and other texts are included in this book, making available crucial information about belief systems which might otherwise never have been recorded, and illuminating changing contemporary attitudes towards the relationship between the natural and the supernatural. Contents: TEXTS An Interview with Lord Tarbat, 3 Oct 1678 (Robert Boyle) A Collection of Highland Rites and Customes The Secret Commonwealth (Robert Kirk) Letter to Joh Aubrey on Second Sight Letter to Samuel Pepys on Second Sight Second Sight (John Fraser) Questionnnaires and Responses (Edward Lhuyd and Robert Wodrow, John Fraser and John Maclean) Introductory material (33pp) by Michael Hunter

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This recent translation of a masterwork of esotericism places humankind at the very heart of the vast, invisible processes of cosmic evolution. When we use the term natural science don't we mean that we are dealing with knowledge of nature?

Esoteric science is the science of what takes place esoterically, in the sense that it is perceived not outside in nature but where one's soul turns when it directs its inner being toward the spirit. Esoteric science is the opposite and counterpart of natural science. —Rudolf Steiner

As vital and relevant as when it was first published in 1910, this masterpiece of esoteric, Rudolf Steiner worked and reworked on rosicrucian cosmology for many years to make it increasingly precise and accurate. This work remains the most effective presentation to date of a spiritual alternative to contemporary materialist cosmologies and the Darwinian view of human nature and evolution.

In this basic work of spiritual science, readers learn how the creation and evolution of humanity is embedded at the heart of the vast, invisible web of interacting cosmic beings, through whom the alchemical processes of cosmic evolution unfold. There are also descriptions of the various bodies of the human being, their relationship to sleep and death, and a detailed, practical guide to the methods or exercises, including the Rose Cross Meditation," through which such initiation knowledge can be attained.

Most remarkable and revolutionary of all, perhaps, is the central function that Rudolf Steiner allots to the Christ and to the entrance of Christ into earthly evolution through the Mystery of Golgotha.

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Jacob Needleman (Narrator), Barbara Stoler-Miller (Translator)

This is India's major guidebook to personal transformation. "Needleman's deep and comforting voice is filled with calm authority, and . . . The Bhagavad-Gita becomes a beautiful, rhythmic poem, so wise and serene that it is like hearing from God."--San Francisco Chronicle.

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Mental Focus in Minutes
by Dennis Kelly

This CD is a complete primer for the Audiostrobe capabilities. Your Guide is Dennis Kelly. Initially you'll be given a direct experience of the varied light and sound frequencies that underly your mental states. Then you'll learn an in-depth, four phase relaxation exercise to help you integrate your experience; Induction, Guided Imagery, Affirmation & Anchoring.

Grand Master Dennis Kelly is a certified advanced hypnotherapist, fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, Rotoflex technologist and an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the study of lymphology.

Dennis Kelly is a National karate champion, the oldest martial artist on the American circuit, and the creator and developer of an amazing health and fitness human potential program he has now published and made available to the general public as The Six Steps To The Fountain Of Youth. Kelly has proven that anyone can be a winner and a peak performer, at any age, regardless of background or current circumstances, including major health challenges.

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Part 1

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Wonder Words
Kenton Knepper

Discover the true power of words and how words can change what people see, think, hear, and feel. Learn how words alone may be used as your only gimmick in a trick. Create miracles and do nothing – but use these "magic words" to produce miracles. Learn the original work on "multiple reality", "definition=reality", and a host of other principles and effects found in the books of others. Move from beyond words to subconscious cues and patterns, personality types, and a host of "secret weapons" the very top performers still don't want you to know.

Here is the work that started it all... and continues to influence every phase of modern magic and mentalism.

The modern day classic now on CD .

Volume 1

Imagine being able to take control of the very thoughts, perceptions, and responses of your audience. Picture your audiences' amazement when they really can not explain the trick because the magic is done with words, not sleights or props. This is what Wonder Words will teach you. It is prestidigitation of the mind.

It's finally here, the audio book everyone has been waiting for. After lots of prodding from Larry Becker, Jeff McBride, Docc Hilford, Dr. Juris, Lee Earle and many other pros, Kenton has agreed to part with the information that he has kept under tight wraps to all but a very select few.

Whether you're a magician or mentalist, Kentons' secrets will radically alter your work and the reaction to it. Revealed are the verbal tools used by top psychologists to influence and control clients' actions and attitudes. This is not a dissertation on hypnosis, this is Wonder Words -- The Art of Linguistic Deception.

Perhaps even more telling was the response at Docc Hilfords' Weerd Weekend. Wonder Words was a complete sell-out less than an hour after Kenton introduced it. Docc himself said "This is the new Fitzkee." Others said "One of the most significant works ever produced in magic," "This is going into the library at the Castle."

Even before it's official release, Jeff McBride praised Wonder Words saying, "You're a spell-weaver of words that can even make mimes speak...I'm living proof. Your material has dramatically transformed the way I'm doing my spell weaving these days!"

As important as this material is to your work, you're probably anxious to get a copy of your own. Finally you's how. Just fill out the order form on the back of this sheet, mail it in and very soon you will know what few others know... The Art of Linguistic Deception.

Volume Two

Wonder Words Volume Two is subtitled "The Real Work" because it is exactly that. In Wonder Words Volume One Kenton began the journey....Volume Two turns that journey into a performance altering adventure. So what's the big deal?

For starters: Wouldn't it be great if people constantly talked about a trick they saw you perform when in fact you NEVER EVER did that trick at all? Just think of it! There is a secret way to simply tell a story and cause people to believe they actually SAW YOU PERFORM the trick, when all you did was TALK ABOUT IT! (No, it isn't "hypnosis").

In Volume One, you were (As Michael Close said) "Totally Blown Away" by how easy it was to greatly improve your performance by changing a few simple words. Volume Two -- The Real Work offers equally simple techniques that achieve even more startling results.

Still want more? Well of course there are killer effects as part of the package. Like how to cause a spectator to TRAVEL THROUGH TIME and come back with PHYSICAL PROOF. This is directly from Kenton's act. Yes all the little touches Kenton uses are there as always.

What else? How about an "Invisible Deck" routine with no deck at all? No stooges or other sneaky set ups either. The spectator just MIMES taking a card from thin air, and you can TELL them what they chose (No it isn't some silly mathematical thing either).

Another diabolical effect is a never before published telephone trick. Already several performers are using this bit to book thousands of dollars in extra performances.... You can too!

Perhaps you'd like to be able to point into the sky and cause a cloud, any cloud a spectator chooses, to vanish from the sky. No kidding. It's easy once you know the right WORDS. Kenton gives you the WHOLE story on how to do this with words alone.

Imagine you have a spectator just THINK of any letter in any word they choose. Now imagine that you not only tell the spectator the letter they are thinking about, but you also describe the EXACT THOUGHTS they had while deciding on that particular letter! Isn't that what a REAL "mindreader" would be able to do? Now you can!

Did we mention the ability to look at a spectator and KNOW if they would "play along" or be overly skeptical? You will learn this too. Wouldn't it be great if you could determine how a spectator felt about money, people, their play time, their work time, etc. just by a spectator uttering a few simple words? You can, and Kenton will tell you how.

Of course there is still so much more! So just consider this: If you have ever wanted to be a rousing success in your work; If you have ever wanted to honestly MOVE an audience; If you have ever wanted to be considered "legendary"; If you have ever wanted people to remember your shows for YEARS even DECADES to come; If you have ever wanted to learn the REAL WORK that only the most successful acts in entertainment use, THEN THESE TAPES ARE FOR YOU.

If you don't care about ANY of these things, then maybe all the effects above have got your attention. There's even more of those too!

Whatever your reason for purchasing Wonder Words Volume Two, you're bound to be blown away by the material it contains. If you have Volume One you already know how important this series is to your performances. Many of you have applied the principles in the first volume to your "other" work.

Find Out Why Movie Studio Heads, Theatrical Directors, Lawyers, Publishers and Performers The World Over Have Been Anxiously Awaiting!

Volume Three

Kenton ends the series with a BANG including contributions from Jeff McBride, Dan Harlan, Joel Bauer, Docc Hilford, and MORE. This final volume will leave you breathless! The book alone is over 50 pages in length, with detailed effects direct from the acts of working pros. There is also a complete and precise index to BOTH Volumes Two AND Three, for easy reference (Volume One has its own index). And Volume Three is JAM-PACKED, the biggest volume ever!

So what else is in here? Imagine being able to get a spectator to scream, just by saying a few seemingly harmless words. Just think of an entire audience believing in you INSTANTLY, because you speak a single phrase. Learn to stop unwanted annoyances dead in their tracks. Discover the one secret word that causes people to do what you want them to - it's proven scientifically! Uncover the "code" used throughout the series. This alone can expand the series into the equivalent of another several volumes. Hear how your tone of voice can become a "gimmick" in any effect or routine. Uncover the secret about ALL words! And that's just for starters...

What about the "tricks?" A spectator holds his watch and merely THINKS of a special moment in time. You not only begin to describe this event, you reveal the time - which now shows on his watch! Or how about this: You not only talk about "subliminal programming" - you prove it. In fact, this might be how the trick really works! There are more than a half-dozen other incredible effects. You won't believe all that Kenton has given up THIS time - the final time!

3 CDsMP3 + 2 Ebooks - PDF-532 Mb

Part 1

Part 2

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Worship and Puja: ‘SADHANA’ [samndhya-sadhana]
By Jyotikar Pattni

* Shravana Month implies spiritual awakening.
The entire shravana maasa is a month of grand
spiritual awakening.

* Ancient Vedic mantras from the lofty peaks of Himalayas

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This third, concluding volume of the series publishes 14 studies and the transcription of a round-table discussion on Carlo Ginzburg's Ecstasies. The themes of the previous two volumes, "Communicating with the Spirits", and "Christian Demonology and Popular Mythology", are further expanded here both as regards their interdisciplinary approach and the wide range of regional comparisons. While the emphasis of the second volume was on current popular belief and folklore as seen in the context of the historical sources on demonology, this volume approaches its subject from the point of view of historical anthropology. The greatest recent advances of witchcraft research occurred recently in two fields: deciphering the variety of myths and the complexity of historical processes which lead to the formation of the witches' Sabbath, the micro-historical analysis of the social, religious, legal and cultural milieu where witchcraft accusations and persecutions developed. These two themes are completed by some further insights into the folklore of the concerned regions which still carries the traces of the traumatic historical memories of witchcraft persecutions.

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Ekadash Rudra (SHIVA)

Guru Gorakshnath is the lord of this universe. He made this
universe from his eternal fire named as "Dhuni". Guru
Gorakshnath is a creator in the form of Lord Brahma. He is
a preserver in the form of Lord Vishnu and He is a destroyer
in the form of Lord Shiva. Goraksh Nath ji is considered to be
an avatar (form) of Shiva, and therefore neither had birth nor
death. He is believed to be ever existent in all Yugas. It is also
believed that Shiva took the form of Shri Gorakshnath after an
argument with Shakti. Shakti told Shiva that she had the power
to awaken desire in anyone, while Shiva disagreed. In his form
as Gorakhnath, he showed complete freedom from all desires
through yoga.

Three prime forms of Guru GorakshNath are:
1. Adi GorkshaNath
2. Anant Gorkshanath
3. Guru Gorakshnath

Adi Gorakshnath - In this form he discovered and created
the Universe. Anant Gorakshnath - In this form he always
resides in every living being in the form of supreme power.

Guru Gorakshnath - In this form he is a teacher of all Siddha
Vidhyas. The power (Shakti) which cannot be seen by the eyes
but the eyes can see only with the help of this power (Shakti)
is Guru Gorakshnath.

Gorakh Nathji was the originator of yoga and meditation and
founder of the Nath Sampradaya.

Gorakh Nath literally means a person who has mastered his indriyas
(senses) and has complete control over the five vikritis or negative
characteristics in human nature - that is kaam (sexuality), krodh
(temper), mad (ego), lobh (greed) and moh (worldly attachment).

By doing so, wants and desires get stabilized, leading to peace and
contentment within. He believed that God existed in oneself, the five
elements i.e. Jal (water), Vayu (air), Akash (ether), Agni (fire) and
(earth), by which the body is made, become a part of the cosmos
through meditation and proper conduct. He was the originator of
Hatha Yoga and initiated the process of teaching it to the mankind
to improve the mind and body, thoughts and actions, focused on
leading a a better quality of life, to save them from terrible
diseases and misfortunes.

For the welfare of humanity, he preached yoga through all ages.
He was the creator of 8400 million Asans in Yoga. Only 84 have
been in existence in present time. Goraksh Nath ji taught the
world how to develop and realize the super powers existing in
the human mind and body through yogic practices.

To maintain the tradition of Guru-Sishya relationship, Goraksh
Nath became the disciple of Baba Shri Matsyendra Nath ji. Till
eternity they clear all the doubts arising in a yogis mind through
the medium of question- answers between the guru and the
disciple. Gorakh Bodh, a book written by Goraksh Nath is an
example. He wrote many books on the subject of yoga in
Sanskrit language. Many have been published and many
manuscripts still remain with the yogis at their ashrams.

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Naada Kriya Yoga

The basis of Naada Yantra Yoga is a seven-chakra (energy center)
model1 to address the seven regions of the celestial brain (frontal
cortex and mid-brain) that need to be activated. Once activated,
these regions must be trained to work in harmony with one
another, to master the art of manifestation. Naada Yantra
Yoga includes techniques for awakening and harmonizing these
regions of the brain. The top two chakras are located at the
two master glands: Pineal and Pituitary. The rest of the five chakras
are located at the following bones: C7 (bottom of the neck), T4
(between shoulder blades), L3 (behind navel), Sacrum (bottom of
the spine) and Pubis (on the front side below abdominal organs).
Chakras must be activated in the top-down order. When a
chakra is awakened, it releases energy, which naturally attempts
to move upward. If the upper chakras are not awakened first, the
energy gets stuck in the middle or lower part of the body causing
unpleasant experiences. Another logical reason to start from the
top is to awaken the sources of inner power first, and use them to
effortlessly and quickly awaken the rest of the centers.

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the Secret Temple

This is a practical book. It is intended for those who feel a
natural inclination toward ritual, and who are willing to expend
the special effort required to produce a full set of magical instruments
and a personal Temple. The very act of developing
the Wands, Cup, Tablets, etc., is a devotional one which may
lead the student to an inner mainstream. It is a form of sacrifice.

The instruments and Temple described herein are those
specified by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. They are,
however, based on principles which have not varied over the
centuries. Particular to the Golden Dawn is its emphasis on the
four Elements, symbolized by the Wand, Cup, Dagger and
Pentacle. These instruments represent the component parts of
the personality, as is also represented by the five-pointed star of
Pentagram. In this figure the fifth point is that of Spirit.

Those who ascribe to the methods taught by Aleister
Crowley will experience few difficulties in adapting the materials
in this book to his ritual practices, all of which grew from
the practices of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Crowley was
not very explicit, in his writings, about these instruments. In his
Equinox, Magick in Theory and Practice and Magick Without
Tears he discussed the subject without mention of the inscriptions
to be placed on the instruments. But for those who possess
the practical keys of the Golden Dawn, Crowley's work provides
a dimension of insight which is unique.

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Prophets of the Great Spirit

Prophets of the Great Spirit offers an in-depth look at the work of a diverse group of Native American visionaries who forged new, syncretic religious movements that provided their peoples with the ideological means to resist white domination. By blending ideas borrowed from Christianity with traditional beliefs, they transformed “high” gods or a distant and aloof creator into a powerful, activist deity that came to be called the Great Spirit. These revitalization leaders sought to regain the favor of the Great Spirit through reforms within their societies and the inauguration of new ritual practices.

Among the prophets included in this study are the Delaware Neolin, the Shawnee Tenkswatawa, the Creek “Red Stick” prophets, the Seneca Handsome Lake, and the Kickapoo Kenekuk. Covering more than a century, from the early 1700s through the Kickapoo Indian removal of the Jacksonian Era, the prophets of the Great Spirit sometimes preached armed resistance but more often used nonviolent strategies to resist white cultural domination. Some prophets rejected virtually all aspects of Euro-American culture. Others sought to assure the survival of their culture through selective adaptation.

Alfred A. Cave explains the conditions giving rise to the millenarian movements in detail and skillfully illuminates the key histories, personalities, and legacies of the movement. Weaving an array of sources into a compelling narrative, he captures the diversity of these prophets and their commitment to the common goal of Native American survival.

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by Dr. Clark Wilkerson

Clark was a channel through which this knowledge was given to those of use who are searching for more understanding. He has affirmed the inner teachings that some of us have had glimpses of in the past. This teaching is powerful in its simplicity. It is based on Hawaiian Huna science, the magic of mind and soul. When properly applied, it brings wisdom and realization of Oneness.

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Content :

Durga Saptashati .
Guruji Sri Amritananda

Reflections on the Srividya Upasaka Dharmas .
Sri Atmananda Natha

Dakinis - The ones who dance with our emotions
Sri Kiran Mishra

Hanuman chalisa
Prof P.A. Seshan
Human Upliftment Through Kashmir Shaivism .
Sri Virendra Qazi

Obstacle removing mantras of Parashurama .
Sri Atmananda Natha

ParaTan Healing .
Swamy Param Eswaran

The Thousand Eyed Goddess at Devipuram .
A disciple of Guruji Sri Amritananda

Shakta Tantra .
Sri Basurananda Natha

My Srividya conversations with Anjaneya
Narasimha Siddhanti Malladi

Link :

The Power of Mantras
Samael Aun Weor

A human being can develop superlative transcendental qualities,
with which one can perceive the ultra of nature. Clairaudience
exists; it’s a faculty that allows us to listen in the internal worlds.
Intuition exists; you should know that intuition is intimately
related to the heart Chakra. There also exists in a human being
telepathy. This marvellous power is intimately related with the
solar plexus situated just slightly above the navel. There also
exists in a human, certain Chakras that allow us to remember
past reincarnations. These Chakras are situated in the lungs.

I am going to teach you brothers the mantras with which we can
develop our faculties. Mantra means - word of power. You should
know that sounds produce visible and tangible effects for everyone.
A cannon shell for example with sound makes the window panes break
in a whole block of houses. A soft word calms anger, a sarcastic word
provokes many feeling in the one who listens. In this way sound is
the cause of causes of everything created. With just reason John
said: “In the beginning it was the word and the word was with
God and the word was God, by him all things were made and
without him nothing that it is would have been made”. It is then
advantageous to know brothers that mantras are words of power.

The vibrations of words, of those letters, of those multiple
combinations of sounds awaken latent powers in a human being.
Let us start by getting to know the mantras that help to awaken
clairvoyance. This sense allows us to see the ultra and it is found
intimately related to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is
situated exactly between the eyebrows. The fundamental vowel
of this gland is the vowel ‘I’. Upon this vowel are sustained all the
mantras related to the power of divine clairvoyance......Author

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Master of magic power :
The nath siddhas in light of notions
by gorden djurdjevic