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Preface & Disclaimer

Introduction :

These notes attempt to say something useful about magical
ritual. This is difficult, because ritual is invented, and any
sequence of actions can be ritualised and used to symbolise
anything; but then something similar can be said about words
and language, and that doesn't prevent us from trying to
communicate, so I will make the attempt to say something
useful about ritual, and try to steer a path between the Scylla
of anthropology and sweeping generalisations, and the Charybdis
of cultish parochialism. My motivation for writing this is my belief
that while any behaviour can be ritualised, and it is impossible to
state "magical ritual consists of this" or "magical ritual consists of
that", some magical rituals are better than others. This raises
questions of what I mean by "goodness" or "badness",
"effectiveness" or "ineffectiveness" in the context of magical
work, and I intend to duck this with a pragmatic reply. A
magical ritual is "good" if it achieves its intention without undesired
side effects, and it is "bad" if the roof falls on your head. Underlying
this definition is another belief: that magical ritual taps a raw and
potentially dangerous (and certainly amoral) psychic force which
has to be channelled and directed; traditional forms of magical ritual
do that and are not so arbitrary as they appear to be.


* Ritual Theory & Technique
Magical Consciousness
Essential Steps
Maps & Correspondences

*Ritual Construction
Creation of Rituals
Basic Principles Of Ritual Magick

*The Invocation of Lilith -- A Rite of Dark Sexuality
Materials:, Preparation , The Rite.
Lilith Rituals for Modern Pagans
Lilith Clairvoyance

*The Art of Vampyrism
Preparations , Music , Elixir , The Black Flame
Dress , Rite
Invocation of the Elements
The Grand Conjuration
Invocation to Nehellania
Invocation to Satan

The Ritual of the Lord's Prayer Backwards

The Evocation of Evil Spirits


*Black Mirror Protection Spell


*The Art of Summoning Demons
Concerning Sacrifice
The Ritual Itself
The Uncrossing Ritual
The Principle of Uncrossing
Uncrossing Oils
Crossed Conditions
Unexpected Information
Can You Beat The So-called Karma?
Seven Day Uncrossing Ritual
Uncrossing Herbs
Uncrossing Herb Analysis
Degrees of Crossed Conditions
The Stages of Crossed Conditions

Magick Salt

*Spells (Random Spells)
Lust Dust
Mutual Binding for Lovers
Unholy Water
Dead Time
To Steal a Soul
A Fetish Recipe to bring Slow Death to a much Loathed Foe
Creating a Living Servitor
Destroying Exteriors
Spell to Cause Headaches/Migrains
Random Destruction
Angry Dirt
Spell of the Black Rose
Making A Wizards Staff

*Creating a Nocturnal Servant


*Your Enemy's Funeral
A Large Doll, Representing Your Victim
Swallow's Heart
A Personal Item of the Enemy
A Coffin to Put the Corpse (Doll) In
Graveyard Dust
Coffin Nails
A Large Quantity of Pure Myrrh

The Penetration Ritual
The Ceremony of Inflicted Idiocy

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Kalivilasa Tantra. 
Original Sanskrit Text With English Introduction

The importance of this previously unpublished Tantra consists in the fact that it belongs to what some call the “prohibitive” class, alleging it to belong to, and have been operative in, another and not in the present Age (kalpa). The Tantra is of interest particularly as it deals with the vexed subject of the existence or non-existence of Pashu-bhava in the Kaliyuga and the ritual use of the panchatattva. REVIEWS “The field of ancient Indian literature has been enriched by this praise-worthy edition of an important Tantric text, and both the interested public and the Agamanusandhana Samiti can be congratulated for this finely got-up book……Glory of the spiritual Sadhana of India”. --- Dr. Sunìti Kumar Chaterji in The Calcutta Review. “The author has indirectly shown that taking its philosophical aspect into consideration, it can attain a very high level and compare favourably with, or even excel, the doctrines of Sànkhya or Màyàvàda”. --- Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society.

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Totem Magic

Includes spells for discovering your totem spirits, rituals for connecting with your totems, and a section of resources for further information on totem magic. Speaks to a growing interest in Pagan and shamanic wisdom, traditions, and practices."

Product Description
Inside of each of us an animal lies in wait, ready to be revealed and explored. As humans we share the earth with many magnificent creatures, and through Pagan magic we can connect with the animal kingdom and with our individual animal spirits, or totems. In TOTEM MAGIC, author Yasmine Galenorn—whose soul is part panther, boa, and peacock—shows you how to uncover the animal spirits who guide and guard you in your life’s journey. Drawing on Pagan shamanism, she offers guidelines, spellwork, and rituals for connecting with your totems for strength, protection, and empowerment. Through the ancient mystical practice of totem magic, you can discover your animal within while exploring new, exciting paths in your spiritual development.

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 Kiss of the Yogini
'Tantric Sex' in its South Asian Contexts

 For those who wonder what relation actual Tantric practices bear to the "Tantric sex" currently being marketed so successfully in the West, David Gordon White has a simple answer: there is none. Sweeping away centuries of misunderstandings and misrepresentations, White returns to original texts, images, and ritualpractices to reconstruct the history of South Asian Tantra from the medieval period to the present day.

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Against the Light

Against the Light is a rip-roaring arcane text, two-fisted occultism. Read as novel or as magic treatise, it will fail to satisfy, having neither the neat structure of fiction nor the compelling credibility of fact. Read as an incredible chimaeric hybrid of the two, and thus a striking comment on the strange interrelationship between them, it could conversely be seen as a bold, decadent masterpiece, a communiqufrom reasons furthest reaches, and beyond. Its to be hoped that the response of the occult book-buying public is sufficient to encourage Starfire Publishing to release any subsequent Nightside Narratives, granting us further access to Grants logbook as he presses on with his safari into nightmare. Magics Mr Kurtz seeking his Heart of Darkness.

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Harvey Nerzof’s Magic Reviews

Hundreds of reviews of magic and mentalism tricks,
books, props, gimmicks and accessories.

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 The Uncensored Bible

 In this unexpectedly delightful (if juvenile) little book, two Bible professors and a journalist unpack some of the more outrageous interpretations of the Hebrew Bible, focusing on juicy tales of sex, dysfunctional families and body parts. What if Eve was not made from Adam's rib bone but, as one biblical scholar has suggested, his penis bone? (Don't laugh this theory away until you've read the chapter.) Despite taking on serious questions ofbiblical interpretation and Hebrew translations, the authors maintain a tongue-in-cheek demeanor as they address questions like Did Abraham pimp Sarah? Did Ruth and Boaz have a roll in the hay on the threshing floor? and Was Joseph a cross-dresser? (Answers: yes, maybe, and probably not.) One chapter proposes that the assassin Ehud (Judges 3) escaped King Eglon's rooftop after murdering him by slipping down through Eglon's latrine. Some of the authors' conclusions are a stretch, but it's always in good fun. This is perfect bathroom reading, and PW means that in the best possible way.

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Communicating With Animals
The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals

Most people have told their dog to "sit" or heard the insistent meows of a cat at dinnertime, but thousands are discovering that they can actually carry on meaningful, nonverbal conversations with animals. In Communicating with Animals, veteran reporter Arthur Myers explores the phenomenon of human-animal communication in hundreds of case studies. Readers will learn the history of animal communication, compelling evidence of animal reincarnation, and how to use their untapped mind power to form psychic links with animals.

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Compilation on the Elementals

The four elementals are on the involutionary arc and
are not self-conscious (RI 10)

a. The individual tiny lives which we call the atoms or cells
of the body. These exist in three groups and compose
respectively the four types of bodies: dense physical, etheric,
astral and mental.

b. The aggregate of these lives which constitute in themselves
four types of elementals or separate coherent, though not
self-conscious, existences. These four lunar lords constitute
what the Ageless Wisdom teaching calls "the four sides of the
square." They are the "lower quaternary," "the imprisoning
cubes," or the cross upon which the inner spiritual Man is to be
crucified. These four elementals have an intelligence all their
own, are upon the involutionary arc, are following the law of
their own being when they tend to become powerful, and
thereby fully express that which is in them.

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It would seem altogether superfluous to try to introduce
Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati to a reading public,
thirsting for spiritual regeneration. From his lovely Ashram
at Rishikesh he radiated spiritual knowledge and a peace
born of spiritual perfection. His personality has made itself
manifest nowhere else as completely as in his edifying and
elevating books. And this little volume on Kundalini Yoga
is perhaps the most vital of all his books, for obvious

Kundalini is the coiled up, dormant, cosmic power that
underlies all organic and inorganic matter within us and
any thesis that deals with it can avoid becoming too
abstract, only with great difficulty. But within the
following pages, the theory that underlies this cosmic
power has been analysed to its thinnest filaments, and
practical methods have been suggested to awaken this
great pristine force in individuals. It explains the theory
and illustrates the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

We feel certain, that to the spiritual aspirant, this book
will serve as a kindly light that leads him on through the
dark alleys of an as yet unexplored branch of Yogic
exercises, while to the layman it contains a wealth of
new information which is bound to be a valuable addition
to his knowledge of Yogic culture.

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Aspects of Tantra
Five essays exploring modern Tantra
Phil Hine

Many elements of Tantric magic have become absorbed
into the general magical lore of the West. Such elements
include concepts such as Kundalini, the Chakras, Karma,
Yoga, etc. Concepts such as the Chakras have been widely
taken up by new agers and spiritualists, many of whom
would be horrified if told of the roots of these concepts
in tantrism.

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The Way of the Crucible

Alchemy is the ancient sacred science concerned with the mysteries of life and consciousness as reflected through all Nature. It is a harmonious blending of physical and subtle forces which lifts the subject, whether it be man or metal, to a more evolved state of being. The Way of the Crucible is a ground-breaking modern manual on the art of Alchemy that draws on both modern scientific technology and ancient methods. A laboratory scientist and chemist, Bartlett provides an overview of how practical alchemy works along with treatises on Astrology, Qabalah, Herbalism, and minerals, as they relate to Alchemy. He also explains what the ancients really meant when they used the term "Philosopher's Stone" and describes practical methods toward its achievement. The Way of the Crucible provides directions for a more advanced understanding of the mineral work -- what some consider the true domain of Alchemy.

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Ganpati Atharvshirsha and 
Ganpati Upnishad

Ganpati Atharvshirsha 

Ganpati Upanishad

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Patanjali is the author of the book. Patanjali's sutras were written at some time in the fourth or fifth century of our era. The book 'Yoga-System of Patanjali' deals with Sanskrit Text with English Translation and Embracing the Mnemonic rules, called 'Yoga-System of Patanjali' and the comment, called 'Yoga Bhasya' attribute to Veda Vyasa and the explanation, called Tattva-Vaisaradi' of Vacaspati-Misra.
This book also deals with these topics like : Analytical summary of the yoga-sutras, The yoga-sutras translated without the comment of the explanation, Translation of patanjali's yoga-sutras or mnemonic rules together with the Comment or Yoga-bhasya, attributed to Veda vyasa And Vacaspati-misra's Explanation or Tattva-vaisa-radl—Book 1, Concentration (samadhi), 2. Book 2, Means of attainment (sadhana) Book 3, Supernormal powers (vibhuti) Book 4, Isolation (kaivalya).

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Time and the Technosphere
The Law of Time in Human Affairs

In Time and the Technosphere, Jose Arguelles presents a groundbreaking study that distinguishes the natural time of the cosmos from the artificial mechanistic time under which we currently live. Arguelles defines the actual nature of time as the frequency of synchronization. Applying this Law of Time to an understanding of the entire system of life on Earth, he shows that in order to not destroy Earth's ability to sustain life, we must change our definition of time and adopt a natural harmonic calendar based on the 13-moon 28-day cycle. Until the creation of the Gregorian calendar and the 60-minute hour, most of humanity lived by the 28-day cycle of natural time. The adoption of artificial time has subjected us to a 12:60 time frequency that governs the entire global industrialized civilization-the technosphere. With the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, a fissure was created in this artificial technosphere, opening up the noosphere (Earth's mental envelope).

Humanity has a golden opportunity to leave the strife of the past and enter a time of peace by adopting a harmonious natural calendar that will repair the damages caused by the irregular tempo of technospheric time. Our last best chance to adopt this natural time and step into the bright new future promised by the galactic shift of 2012 is the Great Calendar Change of 2004, a new discovery based on the author's mathematical research into the Mayan calendar first begun in his landmark work The Mayan Factor. In Time and the Technosphere, Arguelles reveals the clear distinction between third-dimensional astronomical time and the fourth-dimensional synchronic order of the Law of Time, which holds enormous potential for the future of humanity.

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Chart Interpretation Handbook

This book contains mainly keywords and general directions to guide the reader what the planets, signs, houses and aspects mean in a broader sense. It may give novices introduction to astrology, but more advanced readers may not find the contents adequate for birth chart interpretation.
Thousands of readers worldwide have found personal meaning in Arroyo's bestselling books. Here, he shows how to develop reliable, in-depth interpretations for any birth chart.

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Concerning Nature

Here is a compilation of invaluable texts by and about Parmenides brought into a single volume. This upload was felt to be necessary as a supplement the text of Heidegger's Parmenides, so that the diligent reader would have all the necessary materials to benefit fully from those high level discussions. In this compilation the reader will find:

the complete fragments of Parmenides' poem, «Concerning Nature», from the most up-to-date scholarly classical edition, with full annotations on the Greek text, accompanied by a literal translation
a second edition of the full Greek text with translations by Burnet
full text, translations, and commentary from Kirk & Raven's well known Presocratic Philosophers
a biographical and dramatic commentary on Parmenides by Friedrich Nietzsche from his early Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks
the life of Parmenides and his school by Diogenes Laertius in English translation.
a brief outline and commentary on Parmenides' poem by Leo Strauss, and his discussion of its relation to the question of being.

For the student first coming to the work of Parmenides, this will give him all the necessary material to become fully conversant with the life and thought of this essential & great Greek thinker. For the experienced thinker or scholar it provides primary classical materials that are often difficult to find in the best editions. It is a treasure in its own right, but an indispensable supplement to Heidegger's lecture course on Parmenides (also to be found on Avax!). Finally, the truly serious reader is provided with Leo Strauss' terse but pregnant commentary on Riezler's once famous -- Gadamer was intimately familiar with and wrote the preface to it -- interpretation of Parmenides: Strauss' provides suggestions as to the way in which a Parmenidean interpretation of Parmenides can be achieved.

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When Rituals Go Wrong:
Mistakes, Failure, and the Dynamics of Ritual

What happens, if a healing ritual fails to cure the

What if rituals, invented to create a communal
identity, do not convince the audience?

What if the ingredients of a Vedic sacri ce prove to
be impure?

What if two religious groups quarrel over the
appropriate text to be recited in front of the god?

The present volume is entirely dedicated to investigating
the implications and effects of breaking ritual rules, of
failed performances and of the extinction of ritual systems.
1 While rituals are often seen as some kind of machines
or infallible mechanisms which ‘work’ irrespective of the
individual motivations of the performers,2 it is clearly
visible here that rituals can fail, and that improper
performances do in fact matter. Without aiming at
presenting a ‘theory of ritual failure’ the diverse
contributions assembled here take a close look at failed
or awed rituals.

This point of view opens up new perspectives on the ritual procedures,
on the interaction which constitute these procedures and on the context
in which these actions are embedded. The contributions to this volume
approach these important issues from the angle of their respective

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Life After Life  
By  Dr. Raymond A. Moody


* What Is It Like To Die?
* Acknowledgments
* Foreword
* Introduction
1. The Phenomenon Of Death
2. The Experience Of Dying
*Hearing the News
*Feelings of Peace and Quiet
*The Noise
*The Dark Tunnel
*Out of the Body
*Meeting Others
*The Being of Light
*The Review
*The Border or Limit
*Coming Back
*Telling Others
*Effects on Lives
*New Views of Death
3. Parallels
*The Bible
*The Tibetan Book of the Dead
*Emanuel Swedenborg
4. - Questions
5. - Explanations
6. - Impressions

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