Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Secret Science Behind Miracles

Strange stories of the Kahunas (Keepers of the Secret).
History of Polynesian magic. Arrival of the white man. 
Failure of white man's magic, and outlawing of Kahuna
magic. Christianity versus Huna. Dr. William Tufts Brigham,
curator of the Bishop Museum. Forty years of research 

by Dr. Brigham and its results. Three essentials to
understanding Huna. The key to the Secret. Unihipili
and uhane, subconscious and conscious. Experiences
of William Reginald Stewart in Africa. The twelve tribes
in Africa, linking with Polynesians through the Secret.

The Secret, Huna, is applied psychology. All religions 
are mixed with magic. Human mind and its limitations.
Levels above and below the conscious.

Aumakua, the Super Mind or Guardian Angel. Aumakua 

of dual sex. Prayers to whom? Basic nature of magic. 
Mana—vital force or electricity/magnetism. Case 7.
The three invisibles behind magic—consciousness,

force, invisible matter. Psychic phenomena cases. Force
used to move objects. Motricity and its source—Dr. Nandor
Fodor. Charging objects with vital force. Magnetism—

The Mysterious Cobbler— Baron Ferson—D. D. Home
—Dr. Hereward Carrington. Storing vital force. Vital
force in healing—laying on of hands.


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