Monday, August 30, 2010

The Art of Seeing the Divine

The purpose of this Introductory Book is to help you change
the way you actually, physically see the world which will help
inspire and change your life.

This book is like no other book before it. It is a visua
l inspirational and self help book – a visual seminar presented
in book form.  It includes Visual Exercises/Experiences,
which are easy and for many people fun. Most importantly,
they are effective. It also includes art, since art is humankind’s
best visual tool for learning and inspiration. This is the
first book in a series, which will follow the format of this
book, including visual and written inspiration, plus Visual

The Visual Exercises/Experiences have a wonderful
“side effect”. In addition providing your brain with images
(that become memories) of selected visual information, you
gain more mastery in consciously dealing with your mind
and its memories. The memories will help your brain decode
visual information received from your eyes. When your
brain has enough visual memories of the essences, the
energy that surrounds us you will begin to see with
Awakened Vision.

You will become more aware of the way your brain works
with memories to decode the impressions of light received
from your eyes. This will make you less the effect of unwanted
emotions or thoughts that seem to “pop” into your mind or
life as you go through your days.

Emotions are energy. So are thoughts. They can be
scientifically shown or measured with medical equipment,
such as an MRI.

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