Saturday, August 21, 2010

Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex

It’s exciting for me to see the tantric perspective coming more
and more into mainstream thought. People may be drawn to
tantric practices hoping to enhance their sexual satisfaction. It
does an amazing job of improving what you already know and
enjoy, but it also takes sexuality to another dimension entirely,
an experience way beyond “normal.”

Tantra is much more than a sexual teaching. Tantric practice
can transform every aspect of your life, helping you to expand
your physical health and vitality, emotional healing and
expression, psychic sensitivity, satisfying relationships,
creativity, productivity, and abundance. It is not unusual for
someone to tell me after a few months of tantric involvement
that he or she feels like a different person, much less stressed,
much more comfortable, more joyful.

Dr. Judy is uniquely qualified to be a major tantric
communicator, to be the means through which this message
goes forward to a broad population. Through her studies
and research, her writings, her years on radio and in the
media, she knows her subject and knows how to capture
people’s interest. She speaks directly of sexual matters, but
also appreciates the deeper potential of tantra.

In this book Dr. Judy has presented a broad overview as
well as specific things you can do to begin your personal
exploration. Tantra is really a spiritual path, leading to
selfdiscovery, to realizing you are much more magnificent
than you ever guessed. If you have the courage to try
something new, this book will guide you through your first
steps, get you started on a great adventure.

Bodhi Avinasha
Founder of Tantrika International and author of Jewel in the Lotus

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