Friday, August 27, 2010

Dadabhagwan Books Series

Aptavani 1

Aptavani Establishes And Perpetuates New Era Of Self Knowledge

“All the secrets of the world have been revealed ‘as they are’. Let all ignorance leave. Let all the words flow as they are. People will continue asking questions and new insights will be revealed from the answers. All that is spoken here shall be printed as new scriptures. Thereafter, Real Knowledge will be established within humans as they extract the ultimate meaning of these words. In these Aptavanis, the experience of the Self has been stated. That encompasses all.

Niruben has not let single word of mine go astray. She has collected all the words in this tape recorder. That collection is the Science of The Self, which is being gifted to the world for generations to come. All the current scriptures in the world hold the knowledge of the Self (Gnan), whereas these words are the actual Scientific Experience of The Self (Vignan). This science is spontaneously active and results are immediately apparent. Moksha, liberation is the direct experiential result of this science.

Glory To The Lord Who Has Manifested Within Gnani Purush, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel

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Aptavani 2

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Aptavani 6

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Aptavani 9

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Guru And Disciple

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