Friday, August 27, 2010

Dadabhagwan Books Series

Spirituality In Worldly Interactions

There are two types of interactions of speech: bitter or sweet. Sweet words are easily and joyfully digested, but the bitter words are difficult to accept. The Gnanis give us the understanding and the ability to accept both the bitter and the sweet. Dadashri has given us extensive examples and understanding of the kind speech that is to be found in this day and age.  ~Dadashri

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Flawless Vision

The understanding given by the Gnani destroys the vision that makes us see faults in others and focuses that vision towards our own faults. Dadashri has given many examples proving this world as being without faults. He used to say that he has the knowledge and proof of how this world is free from faults and that this fact constantly remains in his awareness. What proof did Dada have? In this book, reader will find answers.

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Life Without Conflict

Where there is no conflict, the Lord resides there. I am given you this guarantee. All conflicts can be resolved through right use of intellect and understanding. Even if you do not know anything else, explain to your spouse that, ‘With clash and conflicts, God will leave our home. Therefore, let us both resolve never to have any conflict.’ After such determination, if any clash happens then know that this is beyond our hands. For that, be repentant.

A single life lived without conflict, brings one close to moksha .

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