Friday, August 27, 2010

Dadabhagwan Books Series

Tri Mantra

"There is tremendous power in this Tri Mantras I give you. These mantras have the power to give you whatever you desire. These mantras make all the Devas (celestial beings) happy and you will not be faced with any obstacles in your life. The greatest of difficulties will seem trivial. These mantras are completely impartial." ~Dadashri

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What is the definition of true love? True love is one that will neither increase not decrease and will remain constant. Pure love is the Supreme Soul.

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The Science of Karma

How are karmas bound? Karmas are bound through your belief of 'I am the doer'. In reality the 'doer' is some other power, and yet you falsely project yourself to be the doer. In order to become free from the bondage of karma and acquire liberation, you have to know who is the real doer.

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