Friday, August 27, 2010

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When you start to have worries, you should realize that your work is about to be ruined and if you don't have any worries, then be assured that your work is going to be successful. Worries become an obstacle. Worries will destroy any work that you are doing.

Many people constantly worry about their business? Why do they worry? It's because they believe they are the only 'doer' of everything. They do not have any dependency on even the possibility that the doer may be something or someone else, and that is why they constantly worry. Worrying is the greatest form of egoism.

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Who Am I?

If you can afford to live this worldly life, then there is no need for you to understand anything. But if you find this worldly life troublesome, then you will need to understand the science of spiritualism. In this science you will have to realize your real identity; 'Who am I?' Once you acquire this knowledge, all the puzzles of your life will be solved. ~Dadashri

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Anger, pride, attachment and greed are weaknesses in a person. Where is the need for a strong person to resort to anger? People try to control and subdue others through the fear from anger. But those who do not resort to anger must have something special! Sheel: she-eel - is the highest moral virtues a human being can have and this strength is such that a person can subdue a tiger or a lion, all the enemies. Every living being can be won over by such a person. ~Dadashri

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During, Before and After Death

What is death? What happens before death? What happens during death? What happens after death? Who can talk about the experience of death? Pujya Dadashree has exposed all the facts and mysteries surround death, through the power of his Gnan.  ~Dadashri

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