Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DASHAS – A PRIMER ( Jyotish )

The body of jyotish depends squarely on the epic texts known
as Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (BPHS) which are essentially a
comprehensive transcript of the dialogues between Muni
Parashara and his acolyte Maitryaya.

In 100 chapters, Parashara  has captured nearly  all of what
traditional Jyotish is. There have been embellishments and
additions and in some cases subtractions and variant opinions
that have been provided by other doyens and even a significant
portion of Parashara’s teachings have been attributed to what is
known as Jaimini System. Jaimini system builds upon and
elaborates a portion of the discourse. Without entering the
quagmire of who came first and who adopted whose
writings and similar never-ending controversies, most jyotishis
would serve themselves better by avoiding getting embroiled into
such debates and gratefully gain what they can from the writings
of all of these great former astrologers and many of them being saints.

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