Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Dream Of Ravan A Mystery by Anon

The DREAM OF RAVAN appeared originally in a series
of articles in “The Dublin University Magazine” of 1853,
1854. The name of the writer has not been disclosed; but,
whoever he was, there is no doubt that he was both a scholar
and a mystic. That he had studied the “Râmâyana” from
the original texts and was a master of Vedântic psychology
is amply manifested; that he was a mystic himself and spoke
of things that were realities to him and not mere empty
speculations, is evident to every earnest student of Indian
theosophical literature. In no other western publication, have
the three “states” of man's consciousness been so
strikingly and so intelligibly set forth as by our author. This
mystic exposition will endow such intellectual production
as Professor Max Müller's “Lectures on the Vedânta” and
Dr. Paul Deussen's ”Das System des Vedânta” with a soul,
and breathe into them the breath of life. Though the narrative
is set forth in the garb of phantasy and much of strangeness is
intermixed, so that the general reader will pass it by as
merely a strange conceit, nevertheless the mystic and student
of yoga will recognize many a home truth but slightly veiled,
and many a secret wholly disclosed..............G.R.S. Mead

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