Saturday, August 7, 2010


In China, the qigong1 arts have a long history that dates
back to ancient times. Chinese people thus have a natural
advantage in practicing qigong. The two upright systems of
qigong cultivation, the Buddhist system and the Daoist
system, have made public many great methods of cultivation
that before were taught in private. The Daoist ways of
cultivation are unique, while the Buddhist system has its
cultivation methods. Falun Gong2 is an advanced cultivation
method of the Buddhist system. During this series of teachings,
I will first adjust your body to a state suitable for advanced
cultivation and then install a Law Wheel (fa-lun) and energy
mechanisms in your body, and I will teach you our exercises.
What’s more, I have Law Bodies (fa-shen) who will protect
you. But your having only these things isn’t enough, as they
can’t achieve the goal of developing gong3—you also need
to understand the principles for cultivation at high levels.
That is what this book will address.

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