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Kundalini Yoga: Working with the chakras By Maya Faynz

Program teaches harmonious effect on the chakras, and with them - on the endocrine glands , which determine our emotional , physical and mental condition , reveal our creative potential , develop intuition and sense of unity with the world.To clean and restore each of the seven chakras , each of which could be blocked because of disease , injury or stress, Maya offers seven separate programs . The ultimate goal of opening the chakras - unhindered rise of the kundalini life energy on the central channel ( Sushumna ) .Each lesson includes warm-ups (asanas ), kriya , meditation and chanting of mantras for the chakras , with which we work .

Author's music is so in harmony with the practices and mantras that are not to succumb to their charm is simply impossible .

First Chakra : Muladhara - the root of life . Strong Muladhara - is the ability to survive, an image of ourselves, our presence on the ground . The proper function of the first chakra is very important in our lives , if the first chakra is balanced , calm man , believes in himself, his body is healthy , and easy to toxins .

Second Chakra : Svadhishthana - Centre of pain , place the outcome of the soul. In this chakra there is a desire , is the engine of passion. Strong Svadhishthana - is the ability to achieve goals. The liver , pancreas , all organs that affect our metabolism , are influenced by this chakra. In addition, with the second chakra is associated with our relationship with money , if chakra is balanced , then the money runaway . Balanced sexual life is connected with this chakra .

( Warm-up - Five Tibetan pearls ).

Third Chakra : Manipura - the center of activity , umbilical wheel of a warrior spirit . This chakra is hard work , diligence , punctuality , self-expression , the desire to stand out in society. Strong Manipur - good business qualities and promotion to the top of the world . In Manipur related liver , gallbladder , spleen , digestive organs, pancreas , adrenal glands.

Severe Manipur - a strong will and personality , inner balance and good health.
( Warm-up - Surya - namaskar ) .

Fourth Chakra : Anahata - heart chakra , flower of love. The central chakra - is the desire for beauty, harmony and balance. The vision of beauty in others , in the world, love , devoid of hatred. The heart and lungs are under control of this chakra. When this center balanced, sociable person , to be in harmonious relationship, he is full of love and sees all the manifestation of light.

The fifth chakra : Vishuddha - throat chakra . Responsible for intuition, insight and talent . Throat chakra affects the thyroid gland, which controls the balance of the nervous system, metabolism , muscle tone . Just open this chakra , a person can express their thoughts in words , express themselves in art , not to lie, to be open and sociable , to teach and inspire others.

Sixth Chakra : Ajna - Third Eye . Ajna is considered the abode of knowledge. Since this chakra is linked pituitary center intuition . Open the "third eye " gives knowledge without thought and emotional experiences. Here converge the main energy channels - the positive energy of the sun and the negative energy of the moon . When this chakra is balanced , characteristic of a man powerful intuition , clairvoyance, creativity and initiative , he understands their problems .

Seventh Chakra : Sahashrara - crown chakra, the thousand- petalled lotus , a chakra creativity. From this chakra is linked epiphysis ( pineal gland) . The sound of a gong dissolves you in infinity. You are filled with a sense of humility . The circulation of blood and prana allows a person to feel the divine and resonate with the rhythms of the universe .

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