Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lovers Meditation by Simonette Vaja

This guided meditation is for lovers who are wanting to enhance their physical experience, by increasing their energetic arousal through the subtlety of breath, touch and focus. Simonette's entrancing voice will guide you to connect deeply to an inner tranquility and vitality. You will access a deep inner peace and notice a stillness between the two of you. From this place of deepest stillness an energy can be felt, a true desire for union. You will be guided to sense your partner and experience a beautiful energy dancing through you and between you. A union that is delightfully sensual and exciting.

Listening to the tracks together may lead to loving feelings, a sexual experience, or you may both feel spiritually uplifted. It will certainly bring you closer together and increase your sensuality and heighten your desire for union.

 Audio CD | 150 MB

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