Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Magick Power of Radionics, Psionics and Orgone

In this book I will teach you how to utilize these amazing
magical forces to perform incredible things. I will teach
you how to harness this power using tools and techniques
of both modern and ancient times. I will show you how
to build a number of various machines that can be used to
amplify, manipulate and focus this psychic energy to produce
amazing miracles in your life. You will learn how to control
and influence the minds of others, and to program your own
mind in any way you like to eliminate bad habits, attract wealth,
make yourself more powerful and be the best human you can
possibly be. I will show you various methods of healing that
appear almost magical and will shock you. You will learn
about a technology called Radionics that can be used for
healing yourself and others remotely and can be used to cure
hundreds of various ailments.

I will show you how to perform incredible feats such as controlling
the weather, communicating with spirits using an Ouija board
tapping into the incredible energy of the universal collective
consciousness where all knowledge about everything in the
entire universe is stored. You will learn how to access this
information using various methods such as remote viewing,
using a pendulum, Psionics and dowsing. I will tell you about
amazing devices such as the Time Camera which can take
photographs of any physical place in the past present or future.

I will also tell you where you can purchase these devices. You
will learn that death is not the end but simply a new beginning
and that we are more than our knowledge and the sum of our
experiences. From the techniques I will teach you, you will feel
the absolute power of God and the Force as you learn how to have
an out of body experience or astral projection where your soul and
consciousness actually temporarily separate from your physical
body, while separated you can explore the entire universe.

You can see all and know all and travel to the past present or
future in the blink of an eye to witness events or gain knowledge.

This book will change your life forever. In fact I honestly believe
that it will be the most important thing you will ever read! Anything
can be yours and it will if you utilize the information contained
within these pages. You can use this information to achieve wealth,
health, love, fame and to open yourself up to the wondrous
universe around us. Your spiritual growth will be accelerated
and your life will be transformed. This power has been around
since the beginning of time. Many have used its power throughout
our history and many use it today to one degree or another.
Many people use it unknowingly without ever realizing it. My
goal in writing this book is to filter all the different techniques
and technology regarding ancient and modern psychic
power usage into one totally effective, easy to understand
book of knowledge to act as the key to unlocking the incredible
powers that lie sleeping within everyone of us. The techniques
and instructions you are about to learn in this book will
change your life forever............By Author

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