Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make Your Mind Work for You:

New Mind Power Techniques to Improve Memory,
Beat Procrastination and More!  

It's widely known that most of us use only a fraction of our brain's capacity. Imagine how much more you would achieve if you could harness and manage the untapped powers of your mind! Now memory expert Joan Minninger reveals how you can draw on breakthrough neuro-research to maximize your mental potential and MAKE YOUR MIND WORK FOR YOU.

In terms any listener can understand, Dr. Minninger explains that your brain is actually made up of five different minds, each adapted to a specific purpose: the Executive Mind, the Organizing Mind, the Wondering Mind, the Reacting Mind and the Knowing Mind. The better you can recognize and synchronize these different capabilities, the more your mind can achieve. Packed with powerful tips and techniques, this program will will help you put these insights to work for real results in decision making, problem solving, creative endeavors and overcoming lifelong blocks as it trains you to develop:

* a more powerful memory;

* confident decisiveness;

* effective follow-through;

* strategies for eliminating procrastination;

* the mental patterns necessary to change habits;

* greater creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills;

* the ability to come through difficult situations with a positive outlook;

* and much more!

Turn your mind into a powerful thinking machine. MAKE YOUR MIND WORK FOR YOU-and make the most of your life!

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Part 1          |           Part   2

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