Saturday, August 14, 2010

Energy Body Manipulation, Development 
& Self-Healing System

NEW is the simplest yet most advanced energy development system in the world today. It is child’s-play to learn and use and requires no prior experience or knowledge at all. Anyone can learn the NEW system and have speedy results.

The NEW system has as much to offer advanced practitioners as it does novices. It can either be used as a stand-alone system, or its principals applied to enhance any other existing system, i.e., Tai Chi, Qi Gong (Chi-Kung), Yoga, Tantra and Reiki, to name just a few. It can also be used to enhance any form of spiritual or psychic healing, and to empower any type of psychic ability. Any ability (natural or developed) requiring personal energy usage can be enhanced by the NEW system. It can also be used to boost the immune system for self-healing, to enhance athletic performance, and to speed the healing of physical injuries. Using a radically new energy body manipulation technique based on the sense of touch, called “Tactile Imaging” (T.I. for short) the NEW system concentrates on the smaller secondary and tertiary energy centres of the human energy body. By working with these, the flow of energy into the physical/energy body and its primary energy centres (Major Chakras) is significantly increased. Energy pathways and conduits through the energy body’s internal structure (often called meridians), and into its storage areas, are thereby cleared, redefined and enlarged. Progressively more and more life enhancing vital energy is thereby made available to the physical and energy bodies as these are developed with the NEW system.

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