Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Nuts and Bolts of Meditation 
Unleash your Quantum Brain!

If we follow a river upstream, we will eventually come
to its source. Throughout the ages, beginning with the
obvious earth, air, fire and water observations, scientists
have been following the ‘river’ of the physical universe
. Science endeavors to explain how the physical world
works by making observations, drawing conclusions,
and designing and conducting experiments to prove
their conclusions.

Each new scientific discovery leads to another question,
and each new conclusion leads science further upstream
toward the source. When we discover how things work,
we gain mastery over the processes involved. We could
have stopped anywhere along our river of discovery, but
our built-in need to know has kept us going right down to
the atom, basic building blocks of the physical universe,
and beyond! Our knowledge and understanding of the
processes involved in our physical world has given us the
ability to control those processes and to change the way
we live.

Evidence of the Quantum Power of the brain is all around us!

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