Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This program we followed daily, finding always that our spiritual
dictators were with us at the moment set, their subject prepared, awaiting
our co-operation.

And I may add that so much work was offered to us of a philosophical,
religious, scientific, and poetical nature, even fiction being suggested, that
we could have belonged to three unions without violating the code of
ethics laid down for humans to obey.

Each individual, owing to the wise prevision of nature, has his ordinated
walk in life. Ours happens to lie in a great output of valuable
work from the Ouija board.

The use of this board, as with the piano, harp or violin, the paint brush
or palette, or any of the thousand and one varied paths of life work, lies
with the spiritual and mental makeup of the individual. Each talent is
simply an inspired gift

In the course of our work, we have been told by spiritual lecturers,
that Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox is a great medium; that she is the reincarnation
of Marie Antoinette, who was herself, in her time, so gifted....
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