Monday, August 16, 2010

Secret Sources for Healing Foods and Natural Medicines

This is the manual you've been waiting for: author Mike Adams reveals his top sources for food ingredients, herbs, natural medicines and health-enhancing products that he personally uses to achieve peak physical and mental health. Many of these sources have never before been made public. Other sources are publicly known, but the true healing power of their products isn't recognized or understood. In this 65-page report, Adams reveals the full story, complete with contact details, website URLs, phone numbers and recommended shopping lists. (And, as always, Adams earns absolutely nothing from these recommendations, so there's no conflict of interest.)

Here's some of what you'll find inside:

Where to buy quality, bulk-packaged medicinal herbs at a fraction of the price you're probably paying now (and which ones to consider purchasing for the top chronic diseases).
Where to get stevia, my #1 recommended natural herbal sweetener, at the lowest price on the 'net.
Where to get cholesterol-lowering freeze-dried fruits that can be used in breakfast cereals, pancakes, or other recipes.

Where to get a little-known herbal tincture that conquers colds and the flu, and may even protect you and your family from the coming influenza pandemic.
Where to get heart-healthy flax seeds for about $1 / pound.
My #1 recommended source for real salt: full-spectrum ocean salt that should replace that "artificial" salt sold at grocery stores.

Where to find bulk coral calcium powder at a fraction of the price you're paying in health food stores.
The inside scoop on bulk food ingredients that suppress your appetite by taking up space in your stomach without delivering excessive calories. You'll feel full, but without the extra body fat storage caused by most foods.

Where to find unsweetened, delivious flavored protein powders at a great price. These powders can be used to make low-calorie puddings, dairy-free milkshakes, or even flavored oatmeal without added sugars or unhealthful ingredients of any kind.

The true story of the coming influenza pandemic -- a special report, included at no charge, that details evidence from the World Health Organization saying a global outbreak of influenza is right around the corner.
Where to get healthy snack foods that tame those late-night munchies without ingesting unhealthy ingredients or fried foods.

The name and source for the world's healthiest "supergrain" that offers a complete protein, complex carbs and fiber -- at a ridiculously low price!

How to use the foods, herbs and ingredients recommended in this book to prevent and treat chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and many more.

The real story on why foods and products that come in UGLY packaging are actually the best value for your dollar.

The source for quality freeze-dried meats that have no preservatives, no salt, no MSG, and no artificial colors or flavors.

Details on what products to AVOID buying from my list of top sources. Hint: not every product they offer is healthful.

Where to get cancer-busting rainforest herbs that offer such high potency, they're more powerful than anti-cancer drugs and more effective than chemotherapy, but without making your hair fall out.

The inside story on little-known products that lower cholesterol naturally, without dangerous statin drugs and their side effects.

Where to buy healthy whole grains for 1/5th the price you'd pay at a grocery store.

The name and source of a little-known super antioxidant that virtually eliminates arthritis pain, joint pain, and muscle pain while protecting the eyes and central nervous system from oxidative damage.

Revealed: the secret recipe of the top twelve antiviral herbs that can substantially boost immune system function and help save you from influenza and other infectious diseases.

Secret sources for top-quality herbal products, not sold in any retail stores, that fight diabetes, cancer, chronic stress, kidney stones, physical exhaustion and much more.

Where to get sea vegetable powders (dulse, kelp, agar agar, etc.) that can be easily integrated into recipes to enhance your diet with disease-preventing trace minerals, phytonutrients and unique polysaccharides only found in the fibers of sea vegetables.

Bonus report included: the inside scoop on breakthrough technology that scans your body to reveal your health condition. You can use this technology to guide you to higher states of health and disease prevention using the information provided here.

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