Monday, August 9, 2010


Lord Siva is manifest from the Supreme Lord’s own divine
desire. An understanding of siva-tattva (the principle of Siva)
is therefore essential in realizing the deep purpose behind
human life and  its relationships. Lord siva is a personality
of many forms and names, such as Saìkara, Sambhu and Mahesa.

He is situated eternally in his original form as Gopéçvara, and
in that form he guards the doorway to that which matters most
– our transcendental life. By his own selfless dedication, this
gentle and mysterious figure patiently guides those who
traverse the path to the Absolute, assuring them safe passage
through all the stages of devotion.

In this book siva-Tattva, sréla Bhaktivedänta Näräyaëa Mahäräja
brilliantly clarifies the holy Hindu trinity: Brahmä, Viñëu and
Siva. Empowered by his spiritual masters in the disciplic
succession of the Gauòéya Vaiñëava tradition, he reveals the
conclusive truth (tattva) of Lord Çiva’s original position and
gives us a look into his endearing and affectionate nature.

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