Tuesday, August 10, 2010


By two ways one may go to God, the first by Meditation and
Discourse or Reasoning; the second by pure Faith and

 There are two ways of going to God, the one by
Consideration and Mental Discourse, and the other by the
Purity of Faith, an indistinct, general and confused
knowledge. The first is called Meditation, the second
Internal Recollection, or acquir’d Contemplation. The first
is of Beginners, the second of Proficients. The first is sensible
and material, the second more naked, pure and internal.

. When the Soul is already accustomed to discourse of Mysteries,
by the help of imagination, and the use of corporal Images; being
carried from Creature to Creature, and from Knowledg to
Knowledg (though with very little of that which it wants) and
from these to the Creator; Then God is wont to take that Soul by
the hand (if rather he calls it not in the very beginning, and leads it
without ratiocination by the way of pure Faith) making the Intellect
pass by all considerations and reasonings, draws it forward, and
raises it out of this material and sensible state, making it under a
simple and obscure knowledge of Faith, wholly aspire to its
Bridegroom upon the wings of Love, without any farther necessity
of the perswasions and informations of the Intellect, to make it love
him, because in that manner the Soul’s love would be very scanty,
much dependent on Creature, stinted to drops, and these too but
falling with pauses and intervals.

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