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The Study And Practice Of Yoga - VolumeII

An Exposition of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

This is an exposition (in two volumes) 0f Patnjali Yoga Sutras by a direct disciple of Swami Sivananda of the Divine Life Society.Regarded as a manual on mind control,meditation and mental discipline,the sutras are pithy and have an aphoristic quality,urging deeper reflection and dedicated application. Patanjali uses the term "yoga" to denote a complete cessation of mental modifications so that consciousness rests within itself in a state of liberation (moksha).His emphsis is not so much on the philosophycal aspect as on practical side of it.The sutras are divided into four chapters (padas),the first of them being the 'samadhi pada'which is the focus of the first volume.The other three parts,on 'sadhana','vibhuti' and 'kaivalya' are dealt with in the second volume. The work is a compendium of 110 lectures Swami Krishnanada had delivered over a six month period in 1976 and it provides a veritable stairway for the spiritual aspirant to reach the goal of liberation. --The Hindu/Chennai?india

Product Description
Patanjali's Yoga Sutras are aphoristic prescriptions in the form of pithy one-liners for leading the mind into deeper states of absorption in the state of Samadhi,where the individual merges with the Absolute.A tranquil mind is a pre-requisite for attaining the higher states of awareness and the Yoga Sutras are a graduated manual for the achievement of this goal. The aphorisms in their original form can not be undestood easily.Swami Krishnananda's commentary is easy to decipher and reader friendly,lucid style probes into the aphorisms and lays before seekers the approach to understanding the mind and it s machinations,and how the hurdles that make meditation difficult can be overcome.The rendition and style in which this has been made possible is a tribute to Swamiji s love for truth. This series of two volumes is an all encompassing spirtual guide.The teachings are progressive in content and begin where most seekers find themselves when spiritual aspiration dawns and the need for higher understanding is felt.Ther reader is led gradually through the different aspects of practice and mind management. Volume I,which covers the Samadhi Pada,the first of the four sections of the Yoga Sutras,and provides a good introduction and in-depth understanding of the philosophy and practice of yoga including the levels of consciousness that are attained,has been printed first. Volume II covers the Sadhana Pada and Kaivalya Pada which go into further detail about the practice of yoga using the aphoristic rungs of Patanjali Yoga sutras as a veritable stairway on the path of the ascent of the spirit.Nothing is left unsaid as Swamiji brings the teachings together in two volumes as a complete treatise on this spiritual path.

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