Friday, August 13, 2010

Surya Shakti

The Vedic scriptures of the Hindu religion refer to the sun as
the store house of inexhaustible power and radiance. The sun
god is referred to as Surya or Aditya. The Vedas are full of
hymns describing the celestial body as the source and sustainer
of all life on earth. The origin of the worship of the Sun in India
is thus several centuries old. The sun stands for knowledge,
spiritual light and wisdom.

Surya is worshiped as a chief solar deity. He is a vision of the
divine, whose light fills all the worlds; Surya is also the Cosmic
Pillar and support of the universe and the symbol of the Supreme.
Surya is the most popular Vedic God. In Rig Veda III 62.10 he is
worshipped as Savitr, the source of life and light. The Sun is to
be installed in the temple of our body so that it dispels darkness by
its effulgence once and all for all time-the darkness of ignorance.

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