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Explore the powerful secrets of Thai massage--a vigorous technique that enhances health, happiness, and wholeness -called "yoga in action"- and create a fresh, stimulating, giving-receiving relationship with a partner.

Called "yoga in action", Thai massage uses not only the fingers, but the thumbs, palms, elbows, knees, and feet.

A complete program covers ten lessons, each concentrating on a particular body part.

Full-color photographs show every move while superimposed artwork indicates the movements' directions. Special techniques address healing needs such as stress, chronic pain, postural problems, and insomnia.

Another feature: brief sessions for busy days. More than most massage techniques, Thai massage strengthens the bond between partners, and enhances health, happiness, and wholeness.

* Here are sequences for every part of the body-over 150 of them-demonstrated by qualified experts.
* Set your body's natural bealing powers into motion-with every touch, you'll feel energy course through your system, restoring and refreshing you.
* Strengthen the bone between you and your partner-this technique facilitates closeness and provides a warm and intimate experience for both of you.
* The exquisite yoga-like stretches of Thai massage give you a feeling of mental calm and an enjoyable release of muscular tension.
* See how to improve sports performance and relieve ailments such as sciatica and headaches.

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