Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Neuro-Linguistic Programming and 
the Structure of Hypnosis

John Grinder and Richard Bandlers collaboration in Trance Formations truly aims at the heart of what NLP is all about.

While many other books and individuals have tried to capitalize upon the methodologies within NLP, this book is probably where a lot of the other books derived from. Because of this, the book is highly concentrated with information about linguistics and most importantly, using it to your advantage.

This highly distilled book is comprised essentially of the transcript of a seminar which doesn't allow for the best outlay that you may come to expect in a book. There is no table of contents or an index. However, the fact that what these guys are saying is so clear, so distilled, and so elucidating, it's extremely easy to forgive them for the lack of structure in the book.

I personally carried this book around like a bible after I had first bought it reading as much as possible. Most of the seminar transcript is also where Grinder/Bandler are using the NLP to influence the audience, so you can actually see how masters of NLP use their technique.

Some of the topics that are covered are: presuppositions, nominalizations, unspecified referential indexes, deletion, mind-reading, ordinal numerals, awareness predicates, and a whole slew of other techniques.
It was only after the usage of this book that I truly began to integrate the use of NLP into my life and finally understood how language, pacing, breathing, and touching can truly allow someone to experience things in a different manner.

This book took me a little extra time to digest, keeping in mind that the intended audience is well educated therapists. However, their speaking style is not difficult to comprehend and anyone wanting to learn NLP and you can do so very well with a solid study of this book

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