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Sacred Vine Of Spirits - Ayahuasca By Ralph Metzner

A compilation of writings on the chemical, biological, psychological, and experiential dimensions of Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic Amazonian plant mixture that has been used for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years by native Indian and mestizo shamans in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador for healing and divination. Many Western trained physicians and psychologists have acknowledged that this substance can allow access to spiritual dimensions of consciousness, even mystical experiences indistinguishable from classic religious mysticism. In "Sacred Vine Of Spirits: Ayahuasca", Ralph Metzner, a pioneer in the study of consciousness, has assembled a group of authoritative contributors who provide an exploration of the chemical, biological, psychological and chemistry of Ayahuasca from leading scholars in the field of psychoactive research. He concludes with his own findings on Ayahuasca, including its applications in medicine and psychology, and compares the worldview revealed by Ayahuasca visions to that of Western cultures.


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DAIWAGNAKAMADENU : Ancient Astrology.

Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume II by James E. Padgett

The second volume of a collection of revelations received from Jesus of the Bible, among others, delivered by automatic writing through James Padgett in the years 1914 - 1923

Jesus and others write to correct errors contained in the present-day Bible, as well as contemporary misconceptions held by various theosophies, and to once again deliver to the world the Good News, as taught by Jesus and his disciples while on earth.

Revelations include:
- The true mission of Jesus and the actual story of his life
- Who and What is God
- The nature of the human soul, its incarnation and continuity of life after death
- The creation and fall of our first parents
- The Truths of the Spirit World, the Spheres of Progression and the Hells

The message of these writings is one of Love and Hope for the seeking soul, expressed in simple language, leaving no danger of misinterpretation, and no need for guesswork.

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Vishwakarma Vaastu Shastra [ Sanskrit ]

Vishwakarma is the presiding deity of all craftsmen and architects. Son of Brahma, he is the divine craftsman of the whole universe, and the official builder of all the gods' palaces. Vishwakarma is also the designer of all the flying chariots of the gods, and all their weapons. Other related archivesBrahma, architects, chariots, craftsmen, deity, palaces, universe


Experiences of Encounters with Ayahuasca—”the Vine of the Soul”

The aim of this qualitative study was to gain insight into the experiences of western users of ayahuasca, as well as to ascertain the experienced meaning that participants felt by their participation. Twenty-five people from Northern Europe with experiences of group sessions with ayahuasca wrote anonymous descriptions of their experiences.

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Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume I By James E. Padgett

A collection of revelations received from Jesus of the Bible, among others, delivered by automatic writing through James Padgett in the years 1914 - 1923, and Dr. Daniel Samuels in the 1950's.

Jesus and others write to correct errors contained in the present-day Bible, as well as contemporary misconceptions held by various theosophies, and to once again deliver to the world the Good News, as taught by Jesus and his disciples while on earth.

Revelations include:
- Who and What is God
- The nature of the human soul, and its relationship to God
- The actual story of Jesus' life
- The true events surrounding Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, and what they mean
- The nature of the spirit world - what happens to us when we leave the earth life
The message of these writings is one of Love and Hope for the seeking soul, expressed in simple language, leaving no danger of misinterpretation, and no need for guesswork.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Predicted Plague By Junior Hippocrates


The ruling idea of the book is the natural order
OF spirit. Is not such a conception of the future
life and its conditions pressing upon thinking minds
more and more insistently?

what is psychic science doing here in bringing
order and consistency and natural persuasiveness
into this life and world extension? What are the
conclusions of the great experimenters and students
in this field rather than the mere theorizes as
to the reality and order of spirit?

this effort is based on the profound conviction that
the spiritual evidences of the future life need to be 
supplemented and reinforced by scientific evidences. 
We all hold that these spiritual evidences are always 
in order and always at hand, like the Kingdom of God,
for us to lay hold upon and appropriate for our soul's
comfort and support. They are evidences, of course,
intimately related to the inner sanctuary of our being, 
and that tend to inspire a sense and hope of immortality.
And yet the scientific evidences can by no means be
ignored, and are as necessary as the foundations of a
house or the materialistic support of this earthly life.

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Dream Partner by Marcey Hamm

Audio Book | 302.38 Mb

DREAM PARTNER is all about Life. It helps you with your relationships with yourself, others, animals, plants, the wind, rain and everything that is a part of Life. Love is the message with DREAM PARTNER. The first step is to learn how to love who you are and then the next step is to learn how to give of that love. Life is a great joy to have a relationship with and DREAM PARTNER assists you in living it to the fullest. There is a lot of romance in DREAM PARTNER because learning all the aspects of love is romantic. Love is a very profound emotion and it is the strongest energy of all creation. So you can see how important it is to learn all about love.

It is the true source of all happiness. There have been many marriages healed from this composition, as well as friendships. A woman listened to DREAM PARTNER while sleeping. When she awoke, her relationship fears were gone. Since then her life has improved. She is more at peace with herself and others. She credit! s DREAM PARTNER with enhancing the quality of her life.

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In Tune With the Infinite is one of the best motivational books ever written. Over two million copies of this book have sold worldwide and it continues to get rave reviews from readers about its timeless message of inspiration and success. Many consider this to be one of the inspirational works that led to Napoleon Hill's classic, Think and Grow Rich. See for yourself what millions of others have found so rewarding-it may change your life as well.


Life in Two Spheres By Tuttle, Hudson,

True spiritual growth garners the present for future needs; enjoying the present life,  because such is best for future welfare. This is the moral of this narration.

HOW baleful the light of passion! how it blasts! The human spirit is like a  mirror, bright as burnished silver held in the hand of a child, reflecting  every thought and deed, day by day. Day by day the Present overshadows  the Past, and the outlines of the old become more dimly defined.

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LUCID DREAMS IN 30 DAYS :The Creative Sleep Program

"This fascinating, practical guide to lucid dreaming is based on 
the breakthrough techniques developed by psychologists and
dream researchers around the world. Anyone looking for the
latest word in lucid dreaming cannot do better than to follow
Harary and Weintraub's easy-to-follow and
stunningly effective step-by-step approach."

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Famous Voodoo Rituals and Spells by H. U Lampe

Famous Voodoo Rituals & Spells a Voodoo Handbook the Oils, Powders, Potions, Incenses, Herbs, Candles & Other Paraphernalia Used By Voodooists. How, Why, and When Used.

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Concentration: The Road To Success by Henry Harrison Brown

This volume contains the most important knowledge man can possess, i. e., knowledge of the Power to control his own Destiny. In his own life and that of many others, the author has seen the demonstration of this Power. The reader has but to follow the instructions herein laid down to reach that condition of realization which Jesus knew when he affirmed: "I and my Father are ONE."


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Eight pillars of prosperity By James Allen.

Prosperity rests upon a moral foundation. The foundation consists of the Eight Pillars, which he explains include Energy, Economy, Integrity, System, Sympathy, Sincerity, Impartiality and Self-Reliance.
In this international best-selling book, Allen explains how success and prosperity, in order to last, must be built on a solid foundation. In laying the groundwork for a life of wealth and prosperity, Allen describes the eight key pillars that lift prosperous people to higher callings and greater successes. For true and lasting success, often on a larger-than-life scale, Allen teaches that we must build our lives and success on a platform of integrity. To that end, he counsels on how to "rise above the foolish who rise and fall on the flux of selfish desires," and shows how to construct your character, raise the house of your life, build your temple of prosperity.

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Light from the Spirit World By C. Hammond

 Comprising a series of articles on the condition of spirits and the development of mind in the rudimental and second spheres. Being written wholly by the control of spirits, without any volition or will by the medium, or any thought or care in regard to the matter presented by his hand. Contents: Rules; Introduction; Miracles; Prophecy; Deceiving Spirits; Witchcraft; Wisdom; Worldly Wisdom; Works; Works on Works; Circles; Circles on Circles; Condition of Circles; Union in Marriages; Sins against Spirits; Repentance; Forgiveness; Wisdom of Mediums; and A Narrative.

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It Must Be Mindreading By George Anderson

Content :

1 The First Prediction: A practical discussion of the mental act
2 No Questions Written: A new concept of question answering that qualifies as sensational
3 "Easy Money" Mindreading: With a 2 cent gimmick that's worth $1000
4 Playing Card Mindreading: A specialized routine from which a mentalist can make a living
5 Torn Center Deluge: A "twist" that makes the torn center dodge a real baffler
6 Palmistry Versus Mindreading: A private-reading question answering routine that's years ahead
7 My Best Billet Switch: You'll like it, too
8 "Getting the Impression": A complete one man mindreading routine that is revolutionary Terrifically simple and simply terrific
9 Another Sealed Envelope: A sealed message revelation know to very few
10 One Man Clip-Board Reading: Without advance preparation No recess for copying, no "reader"
11 Alibi Answers: Sure-fire ways to handle trick questions without dodging them
12 The Vital Spot in the Question Act: A secret worth many times the cost of the book
13 The "Truth or Consequences" Prediction: A "flash" mental effect of "illusion" proportions without illusion problems
14, A Mental Illusion: A big, showy trickactu?lly a headline act in itself
15 The Mental Artist: A duplication of pictures drawn by spectators, line by line, as they mentally direct you while you're standing at a distance
16 "Do As I Do" Book Test: Already the favorite book test of those few who have seen it
17 The "No Hands" Book Test: A controlled coincidence book test is actually done by the spectators
18 The Human Equation: Method and routine both new and different
19 Mental Card Magic: Why it doesn't belong in the platform or club mental act and how to avoid it
20 Card Muscles: All the "outs" for a classic trick
21 The Ultimate Prediction: A "no carbon, no stylus" Swami test without confederates Perfectly routined to answer every objection to the usual Swami prediction
22 The Pocket Mindreading: A close up mental effect that's clean, foolproof and baffling
23 The Crystal of the Future: The absolute ultimate in crystal gazing, where spectators see the answers to their questions
24 A Lesson in Living From Magic: Two thousand words of honest, practical information that can greatly influence your earnings
25 Bibliography: A candid discussion of other material in the field

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"Attaining Your Desires by letting your subconscious mind work for you" by Genevieve Behrend

Behrend wrote her book as a complete seven-lesson course.

The writing is in dialogue form, between a "Sage" and a "Pupil." The Sage is a famous author and teacher; the Pupil is you. It is very easy reading, very tightly written, and very enlightening. Here are a few of the lesson/chapter titles:

Lesson 2: How to Get What You Want
Lesson 3. How to Overcome Adverse conditions Lesson 5. Making Your Subjective Mind Work for you Lesson 7. Putting Your Lessons Into Practice

Within these lessons is pure compressed dynamite. I mean it.

Here are a few sub-headings to give you a sense of the staggering power of this rare material:
"The Secret of Controlling Your Life Forces"
"Don't Look for Coincidences In Your Life"
"How to Drive Anxiety Out of Your Mind"
"How You Can Control Circumstances"
"How Your Mind Is Related to The Universal Mind"
"How to Develop Health and Harmony"

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The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe By Joseph Murphy

This book PRESENTS the essence of Subconscious Mind Power in a more explicit way(See the following sentences from the Preface:"This mystic, wonder-working Power is within your own mind, and you can begin to use it immediately,as it is responsive to your thought.This Power is stronger than a laser beam,hydrogen,atomic or nuclear missiles, and more potent than all the energies and explosives in the whole world.It is the Power of the Infinite,or God,unlimited and inexhaustible") AND explains the IDEAL way to tune in with the Infinite thus:(Page125):"this is the Power and the Energy that guides the planets and the stars in their courses.This is the same Power which governs the billions of cells in your body....... .........Contemplate this Cosmic Energizer......Surrender to this Power and let It flow through your body,finances,business,home life,and all phases of your life.Let wonders happen in your life.")


BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS 18 91 by Emma Curtis Hopkins

This previously extremely hard to find book comprises a series of Bible Interpretations that were given by Emma Curtis Hopkins during the early eighteen-nineties at the Christian Science Theological Seminary at Chicago, Illinois. This Seminary was independent of the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Mass.

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