Thursday, September 30, 2010

Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Volume I By James E. Padgett

A collection of revelations received from Jesus of the Bible, among others, delivered by automatic writing through James Padgett in the years 1914 - 1923, and Dr. Daniel Samuels in the 1950's.

Jesus and others write to correct errors contained in the present-day Bible, as well as contemporary misconceptions held by various theosophies, and to once again deliver to the world the Good News, as taught by Jesus and his disciples while on earth.

Revelations include:
- Who and What is God
- The nature of the human soul, and its relationship to God
- The actual story of Jesus' life
- The true events surrounding Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, and what they mean
- The nature of the spirit world - what happens to us when we leave the earth life
The message of these writings is one of Love and Hope for the seeking soul, expressed in simple language, leaving no danger of misinterpretation, and no need for guesswork.

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