Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Biology of Empowerment:

How to program yourself to succeed
at a cellular level [8 CDS - MP3] 

Traditional transformation strategies address the conscious and subconscious repositories of belief, often quite successfully. But far beneath these intellectual planes, your cells maintain the memory of that original belief.
In other words, your cells are compelling you toward very specific situations and outcomes - often in direct opposition to your conscious and even subconscious intentions!

To truly, permanently change your life for the better, you must learn how to communicate at the cellular level. Otherwise, you are doomed to remain stuck in negative patterns.

The good news is, you CAN achieve this deep level of change. Cellular communication is not only possible, but remarkably easy! The secret lies in a collection of amazingly powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tools that are easy to use and that ignite the processes of transformation instantaneously.

In The Biology of Empowerment, Dr. Lee Pulos distills decades of research in the fields of human physiology and quantum physics (including groundbreaking NEW findings) into an extraordinary set of tools that will enable you to quickly identify and then change - at the conscious, subconscious, AND cellular level - the belief patterns that are holding you back from growth, change, and total personal success.

Using the tools you'll discover in The Biology of Empowerment - including The Pendulum, The Ideomotor, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and many others - you will be able to:

* Identify your core beliefs regarding money, work, relationships, sex, and more, INSTANTLY, without overanalysis or an uncomfortable psychological return to the past.

* Distinguish positive, growth-oriented beliefs from beliefs that are blocking your path to success.

* Program your entire self - your conscious, subconscious, and cellular minds - to achieve any external outcome you desire.

* Understand how and why "miraculous" processes such as remote viewing and bi-location really are possible

* Easily uncover and quickly correct the root causes of financial challenges, relationship problems, and health and wellness issues.

* Receive answers from the deepest, most knowledgeable levels of your consciousness to questions like, What is my life's true purpose? … Should I take this job? … Is this person "the one"?

* Learn how effective cellular communication may even overcome congenital health problems and other seemingly unchangeable conditions.

* See why perceived limitations such as time and space are really mere illusions, and hear amazing true stories of people who have transcended them.

* And so much more!

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