Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BIRTH THROUGH DEATH : The ethics of The Twentieth Plane A Revelation Received Through the Psychic Consciousness of LOUIS BENJAMIN

The matter contained in this book was received psychically. It
was spoken in trance by one whose own thought did not direct
his speech. No physical apparatus was used at any time while
receiving it, either by him or by us. It was all spoken in the
light. Some chapters were communicated in full daylight, as in
the case of the chapters by Savonarola, Emerson, and Ella
Wheeler Wilcox, all of which were spoken to about one hundred
and fifty people in a public hall on Sunday afternoons. Others
were dictated in artificial light subdued by exclusion of the
yellow and blue rays. Always, the light was clear and strong
enough for the stenographers.

Much of the matter was dictated slowly and written down by
the reporter. The rest was taken stenographically by two
members of the Inner Circle (Edith Brock, the stenographer of
the Twentieth Plane, and Bertram Jackes), to both of whom, for
the faithful devotion of their time and skill, we are deeply
indebted. All the communicated matter was revised twice by
the unseen authors. The reporter read the chapters aloud, in
the presence, usually, of some members of the Inner Circle,
and the entranced Instrument whose voice was the medium of
correction, as it had previously been the medium of dictation.

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