Friday, September 3, 2010


META-MAGICK by Philip Farber is all about memetic entities - things like America, the Internet, Rock and Roll, and Zeus; all of which we create through patterns of thought and action, which we spread to others.  The book uses a memetic entity especially created for dealing with memetic entities - ATEM, the Opener of the Way (in the sense that, with Atem's help, you can do what Farber did in creating Atem in a novel way).  The book includes a nice bundle of exercises to use in dealing with entities, such as creating ones to assist certain tasks, restricting entities from interfering with you, and working with an entity with a group.  After these methods and a description of Atem into 6 neuro-linguistic elements, the book contains a 36-day plan of experiments planned to acquaint you with Atem and its elements.  After these are completed, the book provides a way for making itself a talisman dedicated to Atem.  Finally, the book includes a general exploration of memetic entites like those mentioned in the first line of this blurb, in terms of the encounter with Atem that the book facilitates.

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