Monday, September 27, 2010

The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe By Joseph Murphy

This book PRESENTS the essence of Subconscious Mind Power in a more explicit way(See the following sentences from the Preface:"This mystic, wonder-working Power is within your own mind, and you can begin to use it immediately,as it is responsive to your thought.This Power is stronger than a laser beam,hydrogen,atomic or nuclear missiles, and more potent than all the energies and explosives in the whole world.It is the Power of the Infinite,or God,unlimited and inexhaustible") AND explains the IDEAL way to tune in with the Infinite thus:(Page125):"this is the Power and the Energy that guides the planets and the stars in their courses.This is the same Power which governs the billions of cells in your body....... .........Contemplate this Cosmic Energizer......Surrender to this Power and let It flow through your body,finances,business,home life,and all phases of your life.Let wonders happen in your life.")


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