Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crystal Wands: For Healing, Massage Therapy and Reflexology

"You can use crystal wands to enhance your therapeutic treatment whether it is a massage, reflexology treatment, chakra balancing…any treatment therapy will be more concentrated and the effects magnified. By using crystal wands in your massage treatments the effects will be stronger, occur more quickly, be more targeted and last for longer. Crystal wands are very commonly found in crystal shops and are regularly used for health treatments. CRYSTAL WANDS is the first book to depict the different possibilities of their use in such a detailed fashion, with information on both simple to perform massages and more specialised reflexology uses. Through easily replicated examples, the author demonstrates various massage techniques and specialmassage programs for beauty, vitality, cleansing and relaxation. The effects of different types of crystals are described in detail, along with methods for cleansing and testing crystals. Whether the goal is relaxation, serenity, focused attention or renewed vigour, experience has shown that massage with crystal wands promotes a feeling of wellbeing which will bring about the desired effect quickly and stabilize it for longer than other similar treatments. The book contains: · Clear, illustrated massage steps and reflexology points · Demonstration of a wide range of uses · Healing information and images of the 72 crystals that exist as massage wands "

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