Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It Must Be Mindreading By George Anderson

Content :

1 The First Prediction: A practical discussion of the mental act
2 No Questions Written: A new concept of question answering that qualifies as sensational
3 "Easy Money" Mindreading: With a 2 cent gimmick that's worth $1000
4 Playing Card Mindreading: A specialized routine from which a mentalist can make a living
5 Torn Center Deluge: A "twist" that makes the torn center dodge a real baffler
6 Palmistry Versus Mindreading: A private-reading question answering routine that's years ahead
7 My Best Billet Switch: You'll like it, too
8 "Getting the Impression": A complete one man mindreading routine that is revolutionary Terrifically simple and simply terrific
9 Another Sealed Envelope: A sealed message revelation know to very few
10 One Man Clip-Board Reading: Without advance preparation No recess for copying, no "reader"
11 Alibi Answers: Sure-fire ways to handle trick questions without dodging them
12 The Vital Spot in the Question Act: A secret worth many times the cost of the book
13 The "Truth or Consequences" Prediction: A "flash" mental effect of "illusion" proportions without illusion problems
14, A Mental Illusion: A big, showy trickactu?lly a headline act in itself
15 The Mental Artist: A duplication of pictures drawn by spectators, line by line, as they mentally direct you while you're standing at a distance
16 "Do As I Do" Book Test: Already the favorite book test of those few who have seen it
17 The "No Hands" Book Test: A controlled coincidence book test is actually done by the spectators
18 The Human Equation: Method and routine both new and different
19 Mental Card Magic: Why it doesn't belong in the platform or club mental act and how to avoid it
20 Card Muscles: All the "outs" for a classic trick
21 The Ultimate Prediction: A "no carbon, no stylus" Swami test without confederates Perfectly routined to answer every objection to the usual Swami prediction
22 The Pocket Mindreading: A close up mental effect that's clean, foolproof and baffling
23 The Crystal of the Future: The absolute ultimate in crystal gazing, where spectators see the answers to their questions
24 A Lesson in Living From Magic: Two thousand words of honest, practical information that can greatly influence your earnings
25 Bibliography: A candid discussion of other material in the field

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