Sunday, September 26, 2010

Magic and the Mind By Eugene Subbotsky

Chapter 1 
Magical Reality
Magical Causation: Mind Over Matter and Mind Over
Magical Thinking, Magical Beliefs, Magical Behavior,
and Other Constructs
The Science of Magic and the Magic of Science
Magic and Religion: Institutionalized and
Noninstitutionalized Magical Beliefs
The State of the Problem
Hypotheses and Predictions

Chapter 2 
Children and Magic
Children’s Magical Behavior: A Belief or
a Misunderstanding?
When Magic Meets Science: Can
Children Believe Both?

Chapter 3
Verbal Magical Beliefs and Children’s Everyday
Magic as an Anomalous Experience
The Belief in Question: Testing the Entrenchment
of Magical Beliefs

Chapter 4 
Magical Thinking and Children’s Cognitive
Does Magic Play a Role?
Magical Thinking and Creativity: The Study

Beyond Childhood
Magic Without Magic: Adults’ Reactions to
Counterintuitive Physical Events
The Spectrum of Magical Phenomena: Evidence From
Anthropology, Psychology, and Psychopathology
Bringing Magical Beliefs to the Surface:
The Role of Cost

Chapter 6 
Culture and Magical Thinking
Preaching Science and Practicing Magic:
A Sandwich of Beliefs
Belief in Science: How Deep Under the Skin?
A Magical Bridge Across the Atlantic:
From Mexico to Britain
Uses and Misuses of Magical Beliefs

Chapter 7
Magic and Exploratory Behavior
Weird but Interesting: Curiosity Toward the
Magical Versus Counterintuitive Physical:
The M/CP Effect

Chapter 8
Magical Thinking and Imagination
Are Mental Objects Permanent?
Physical Versus Fictional: Domains of
Imaginary Reality
Can Magical Suggestion Change Imagination?
Mind-Over-Mind Magic
Turning a Rabbit Into a Fish: The Mind-Over-Mind
Magic Experiment
Cursing One’s Future: Magic and Personal Destiny

Chapter 9
Magic and Human Communication
Magical and Ordinary Suggestion: Are They
Close Relatives?
The Mechanism of Magical Influence: Participation 
Communicative Magic: The Study
The Magic of Today: Communicative Magic and
Indirect Persuasion Techniques

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