Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mind Change Techniques Ken Ward

What this book is about? In writing this book, I have sought to include the essential life skills that we all need to live a happy and effective life. In doing this, I have eliminated the fluff and padding which is normal in book and tried to keep everything to the essentials. I am not a follower of any one system, so I have picked the best techniques from many systems so you can have the best of the best. Some of the articles are short. And, very rarely, some are complicated. You can read this book in any way you wish because each article is intended to be self contained. You can look for the articles that you need today, and read the others later.

My wish is that you, the reader, will find a technique that you need today to help you in your life and read the article very carefully so you really understand it and can use it. Try out the new techniques with small problems to begin with and work your way up. I also wish that you will return many times to these pages to refresh your knowledge, and get a better understanding after you have practiced and observed the techniques in use.

This book contains a wealth of information from many sources. It is expressed in the briefest and shortest way possible. In this way you can get the information you need quickly and easily. It does mean, though, that you need to read the articles slowly and carefully to get the skills and abilities that you require. I wish you bon voyage in your voyage into self development, and I hope this book takes you some way in your journey. - Ken Ward

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