Monday, September 13, 2010


Your Lordship had sufficient impartiality and confidence
in your own judgement to be able to satisfy yourself of
the truth of the physical phenomena of Mesmerism from
documentary evidence alone, which must be the only source
of knowledge to the generality of mankind on any subject
whatever. Ocular demonstration, though offered to you
, was considered superfluous by your Lordship in deciding
upon the reality of painless mesmeric operations, of which
you were pleased to say, "There can be no doubt whatever".

The wonderful mental phenomena said to be occasionally
witnessed in persons under the mesmeric influence, are equally
capable of being judged by the usual laws of evidence.

And when the cares of State afford your Lordship the 
necessary leisure, it will perhaps be a relaxation to you to
exercise your independent judgement upon the facts related
in the following pages in support of the reality of natural
and artificial Clairvoyance.

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