Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The No-Nonsense Guide to Enlightenment

Blair Warren's book, 'The No-Nonsense Guide to Enlightenment'
will challenge the very basis of your belief systems but, at the same
time, could set your feet on a whole new path of discovery. This
book will upset some, inspire many and help others to find their
true teacher who resides deep within.
~~~ John Harricharan, author of "The Power Pause"

In his book, The No-Nonsense Guide To Enlightenment, Blair
Warren has written a thought-provoking and intriguing book.
Not only is his work profound, but at the same time
practical. The road to enlightenment centers on one's ability
to examine his perceptions of the world. Warren issues a guideline
in the form of three questions to pursue this goal. This
book is a MUST READ!
~~~ Bernard F. Cleveland, Ph.D.

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