Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Unseen Guest By Joan Darby

Darby, of Darby and Joan, describes the years-long post-mortem dialogues he and his wife held with a man who had died during WWI. Darby and Joan were extremely skeptical of the reality of the man who had passed away and was contacting them initially through a Ouija board. This was very popular around WWI, as nearly everybody had lost a dear friend or relative to the war and then the flu epidemic. Darby is extremely articulate and literate, and their skeptism seems healthy. This is a fascinating account of how their skeptism gave way to belief in both an afterlife as well as a system that distinguishes between the gifts we're born with and how we help ourselves as well as others by working with those gifts. Darby constantly cautions himself and his wife, as well as the reader, to maintain perspective. He tells us that it doesn't really matter whether Stephen exists beyond his wife's psyche. Stephen's explanation of our development on earth is as valuable, to author Darby's mind, as whether life exists after death. Darby's straightforward and very personable writing style a very interesting page-turning alternative to the usual arrogance of the holier-than-thou beyond-the-veil authors. It is impossible to doubt the integrity of Darby and Joan after the first paragraph.

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